1321 Klumac Rd
Salisbury, NC 28147, United States

Stylist: Dana M

I used to go to Dana when she lived in Asheville, but she needed a breather for an extended period, but now she's back!  I went to Deva stylists in Raleigh, Alexandria, VA and some other stylists who were rated on this site as being good with curly hair.  Out of all of them, the only one who gave me a cut I liked for more than a wash was the Deva stylist in Alexandria.  

But, NONE of them compare to Dana.  I don't live near Asheville or Salisbury, but I am willing to travel a few hours for one of her haircuts. Aside from the cut, the best thing about Dana is that she listens to what I'm saying and does what I ask or tells me why my idea might not be best suited for my hair.

Dana is not listed on the website as a stylist, but she's there.  Her prices are incredibly reasonable for a DEVA cut.


Reviewed on: 24.08.14