7340 Atlas Walk Way
Gainesville, VA 20155, United States

Jennifer Walker


Stylist: Alyssa

I had this haircut long before I learned about CG, so I didn't know what to ask for. I told Alyssa that I straightened my hair, and that I wanted to try styling without heat but I didn't know any other way to get rid of my frizz. I came to the salon a frizzy mess to make it very clear what the problem was. Well, I guess Alyssa knows something about curly hair because she introduced me to Deva Curl products and she taught me how to set my hair by twisting sections of my hair around my finger. But the end result was a disaster. She somehow managed to make my hair frizzier than it has ever been before. I was so horrified, I didn't know what to say when she finished, so she said, "Do you like the body of it, at least?" I said yes--it did have a nice shape I guess, but it was hard to tell underneath the grungy frizz. The salon itself looked very nice. I was offered a drink when I came in and I got a complimentary head massage for being a first-time customer. I picked this salon because it looked fancy and wasn't too expensive, but in the end it was a waste of money.

Reviewed on: 07.01.11