282 South Pennsylvania Street
Denver, CO 80220, United States



Stylist: Michelle Austin

I knew MIchelle Austin since we went to middle school together. Since I live in Hawaii and she lives in Denver, she did not work on my hair but we talked about hair products when she came home for the holidays. She's a great friend and a great advisor. In fact, she tells me about hair shows. All we talk about is salon products. I love getting advices from her and I even ask her what kind of shampoo/conditioner she uses because her hair smells good. She would tell me what kind of brand she uses- Redken and also she uses Moroccanoil- the same brand as I am using. Michelle has been working at Allure Hair Salon since 2006. You should ask for her when you go to Denver, Colorado.

Reviewed on: 22.01.11