10996 124 ST
Edmonton, AB T5M 0H8, Canada

Brooke Blanchard


Stylist: Taylor-Ann

Taylor is one of two Deva-trained stylists in the salon. The first time I went there, she made sure to tell me to come with my hair as it is naturally. She also asked how I style it, if I straighten it, and made certain to tell me that a Deva cut is NOT good for straightening prior to picking up the scissors. She only snipped off bits here and there, in an attempt to keep my hair as long as possible, but still give a good shape. She also styled it curly at the end.

When I went back 4 months later for a trim, she told me I didn't really need one and actually recommended scheduling for later.

She did tell me which Deva products she used, but I have never felt like she's tried to push me to buy them.

They also do non-Deva curly cuts at the salon, so I would absolutely recommend them to anyone!

Reviewed on: 30.09.14