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Stylist: Susanne Kende

Susanne is the BEST curl specialist I have ever been to. Growing up with curly hair, I lived for so many years with the unpredictability of what my hair would look like each day, whether it would be frizzy, whether I would get a good hair cut, etc. I went to lunch with a friend of a friend who had the most beautiful curly hair I had ever seen, and I knew I had to try her stylist.

I have now been going to Susanne for 7 years, and I will never change stylists again. She is AMAZING. She gives you a dry hair cut where she analyzes each curl. She also colors my hair with products that do not harm curly hair. She teaches you about curly hair, knows curly hair inside and out, and spends quality time with you to make your experience everything you want it to be. She has become a very dear friend, and she is a beautiful person inside and out.

Her studio is very calming, and she has a separate space inside the Thomas Joseph Salon with her own chair, mirror, sink, and dryer. She uses Deva Curl products, which have completely transformed my hair. Although it is "just hair," feeling good about yourself and knowing that you can have a good hair day every day of the week makes a difference. She taught me a method of using the Deva Curl products, along with some "memycurlsandi" towels that do not allow your hair to frizz. It takes me 5 minutes to get ready, but my hair lasts the entire day. I bought a few of the "memycurlsandi" towels from Susanne, and I take them with me when I travel because they make such a difference.

I cannot say enough good things about Susanne. I have never written a review on yelp, but feel compelled to do so because she is that good. Her prices may seem high at first, but when you see the work she does, she is worth it. She also will not need to cut your hair as often as you used to have it cut, so it may save money in the long run.

After going to Susanne for many years, people now ask me who my stylist is :). She has an easy online booking system that allows for flexible schedules. She has you come to appointments with freshly washed and styled hair so that she can cut it in its natural, best state. I always look forward to my time with Susanne, she makes sure you have a drink, be it tea, water, or wine, and are taken care of. She even writes down which music station you like and makes sure to have it playing when you come in. She is the least intimidating person I know, and will never rush through your appointment. If she ever retires I am screwed!!!

DeAnna N.

DeAnna N.

Chula Vista, CA

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Reviewed on: 22.09.14