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Federal Way, WA 98023, United States
stacy spears



I called to book a Deva Cut with her and they informed me that she was opening her own salon! It was nice that the salon didn't leave me in the dark and they told me that I could google her to find her new spot. Her new place is in Des Moines, Wa  called Cindy Soung Hair Studio. I've been following her journey on Instagram and can't wait to try out her new deva gadgets!

Reviewed on: 15.10.16

Stylist: Cindy - Www.cindysoung.com

Thank you to those who provided the reviews! I went in to see Cindy last week and it was the best experience I've ever had with my hair. My hair had been fried from getting an ombre hair color and I wanted it to look better. Cindy helped me pick out a color that would compliment my skintone but also will grow out gracefully. We ended up going with a really pretty auburn burgundy which is perfect for the fall season. She taught me how to use the Deva curl products correctly and the results blew me away. My curls were so hydrated and l couldn't believe how easy it was. thanks cindy, you are amazing.

Reviewed on: 10.11.15

Stylist: Cindy - Www.cindysoung.com

I finally had my hair cut by Cindy and it was such an amazing experience! She explained the whole Deva Curl process and performed a Deva cut for me. My hair was so frizzy and out of shape and she fixed it for me! I am still amazed that this is MY hair! Her Deva cuts are $75 but well worth it! She gave me her card which had all her social media outlets on there and here is a link of my before and after. Go check her out! She is in South Seattle and totally worth the drive! Click here for my before & after picture

Reviewed on: 14.06.15

Stylist: Cindy - www.cindysoung.com

I came into the salon to get my nails done and was introduced to Cindy who was their new Deva Stylist! I had never heard of it before but Cindy quickly explained the process and gave me her business card before she had to tend back to her client. She was super nice and full of knowledge. On my way out, I noticed that she was doing a Deva service for her client. The client was so happy and it made me very excited to know that I have a great option when I need my next haircut! 

Reviewed on: 20.04.15