11 Stony Hill Road
Bethel, CT 06801, United States
(203) 778-8188

Stylist: Erin Lionetti

Love my Deva cuts with Erin! I had never had a Deva cut before, but after asking a few other curly girls what product line they use, I learned about DevaCurl. Their website was awesome, and I learned so much. They have a stylist finder, which is how I found Erin at Eclips on 6. She's attentive, funny, and extremely talented. She treats my curls with the utmost care. I've never been happier with my hair. With each Devacut it just keeps getting better and better. The curl is shinier, more hydrated, and way more defined than it used to be. I owe it all to the talent and expertise of Erin and the awesome Devacurl product line. GO TO ECLIPS ON 6 IF YOU HAVE CURLY HAIR, your hair will look better than you ever imagined it could! Thanks ERIN!

Reviewed on: 14.04.15

Stylist: Erin Lionetti

I have been going to the Deva salons for years and was getting tired of the long ride from Bethel. I searched the Deva website and found EClips on 6! 

I was nervous because I tried another local salon that claimed to be a Deva certified salon, and the first thing the stylist did was wash my hair! Ah! Deva cuts are done DRY! It was an awful experience.

I walked into EClips with a bit of a chip on my shoulder after my past experience in the area, but that quickly melted away. These girls know their stuff when it comes to curls! I felt comfortable as soon as I was seated for my cut. Both Erin and Jessica are Deva certified stylists, I've used both for my cuts. Erin books up quickly, so Jessica is a little easier to get an appointment with if you're a last minute person like me. I've seen Erin more than Jessica, but both are amazing curly hair stylists! They have both taken multiple curly hair courses, and I even learned a few new tips from them. (Trust me, I thought I knew it ALL! LOL) They both cut my hair the same way as they would at the Deva salons, for half the price! I believe a Deva cut at EClips is around $60, a real steal for the attention and expertise that you get! I'm always very happy there, and I'm so glad I don't have to drive really far to get my hair cut anymore. They're definitely "curly hair specialists" in my book!

Reviewed on: 28.01.15