2800 Sage Road
Houston, TX 77056, United States

Stylist: Travis

I can't thank you enough Travis! For years I have been wearing head bands and pulling my hair back. I dread going to the salon, my hair would always look terrible. Travis sat me down and explained why my hair was unmanageable and thought me how to manage it. It has been 3 weeks and I have not pulled my hair back once. My hair has bounce, i never thought it was possible. For the first time in a very long time I have received tons of compliments on my hair. To all the people who ask where I get my hair cut, TRAVIS is the man. Thanks so much, you will see me again soon.

Reviewed on: 05.04.12

Stylist: Andrew

I have never posted a review on anything, but felt compelled after I saw Andrew. He uses the Ouidad technique, not the deva curl. Andrew took a lot of time with me to go over my dislikes and styling preferences. He really understood all of my frustrations and explained in detail what he would do to help alleviate my displeasure with my hair. The outcome was fantastic! My curls came back to life, he completely transformed my hair. He also explained during and afterwards how to best use products for my hair. I'm so happy my search for a stylist is over ... Andrew is awesome!

Reviewed on: 03.01.12

Stylist: Roi

I have 3a curly hair, which I usually let air dry or use a diffuser. I had my hair cut by Roi a couple of weeks ago. The haircut went okay, up until near the end when he ran scissors vertically through my hair to "release the curl". He put SO much product in my hair that I didn't notice the problem this caused until the next day when I fixed my own hair. Running the scissors through my hair left me with little hairs sticking out at all different lengths when I let it air dry. My hair looks frizzier than ever!!! It did not look like this before the cut. I am so disappointed because I had heard he knows how to cut curly hair. I do have to give him credit for fixing my hair curly. Still I am so disappointed by the abundance of frizz in my hair now.

Reviewed on: 13.11.11