6343 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15206, United States
(412) 362-6684

Stylist: Andrew

Studio Booth specializes in Ouidad cuts. I was a little hesitant to book mine there since the salon didn't have any reviews online, but I took the chance and I'm glad I did!

Andrew did my Ouidad cut (my first one) and it transformed my flat, lifeless curls into something spectacular. I have 2c/3a fine hair, but a lot of it. The DevaCut I had previously didn't do anything to alleviate the bulk, which lead to either super frizzy curls, or dull, stringy waves. The Ouidad cut completely changed all that. Andrew was able to expertly build in layers which made my curls spring up and it added a metric ton of volume that I've never had before. 

The salon itself is very upscale, but without the snootiness that usually accompanies such a designation. The staff is friendly, laid back, and knowledgeable. 

I have seriously never been happier with a curly cut. Andrew did a great job and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and Studio Booth to anyone looking to get a Ouidad cut and improve their curls!

Reviewed on: 10.04.15