4 E Franklin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55403, United States
Benda Holder

Stylist: Chelsea Stockhaus

Chelsea is a fun stylist to work with...She listens and chats with you and the whole experience is just super easy. She is definitely not afraid of the scissors and color.. :D

Reviewed on: 07.06.17

Stylist: Rosie Jablonsky

Rosie was so professional. She was a great listener and did an excellent job reviving my curls. I will definitely be back 

Reviewed on: 20.05.17

Stylist: Miriam Mcnamara

Before seeing Miriam, I wasn't able to grow my hair out for years because it would start to look unhealthy and lose it's shape. Once Miriam starting styling my hair and bringing out it's natural waves, I've been able to grow it long, keep it super healthy, and I love how it looks! Miriam is an incredibly talented hair stylist and she's fun to chat with too! I already miss her here in Asheville. 

Reviewed on: 15.05.17

Stylist: Miriam Mcnamara

I met Miriam 7 years ago in Asheville and with the DevaCurl cut, coloring and styling methods she transformed me into a true DEVA!!  I finally accepted my curls because they were and still are BEAUTIFUL!!  Also, it was the first time in my life (@age 50) that I was getting compliments. Strangers would even compliment my curls, the style and the color. My 86 year-old mother still talks about Miriam, what she did for my hair and is sad that she moved. I totally agree. Our loss is your gain. You will LOVE everything about her as a stylist and a person. 

Reviewed on: 12.05.17

Stylist: Miriam Mcnamara

Having Miriam as my stylist these last few years has honestly changed how I feel about my curls. I fought them for years! Miriam knows exactly how to cut and style mine, taught me how to use the products, and is an overall great person. So glad to be a curly girl!

Reviewed on: 05.05.17

Stylist: Miriam Mcnamara

Asheville's loss is your gain! Miriam has been my stylist for the last four years, and she is, quite simply, the best. I have tons of curly,  somewhat frizzy hair that needs just the right cut and products to look good. I've gone to some high-end curly girl salons, but Miriam doesn't just have her technique down like these places do, she also styles to the individual. She's amazing at color, too. I've had my hair fried before, so I was a little intrepid about getting highlights again, but she gave me the color I wanted without stripping my hair. 

Reviewed on: 04.05.17

Stylist: Miriam Mcnamara

Miriam rescued my curls and showed me how to get good curls at home, too. She's also fun to talk to while you get your cut -- always a great plus!

Reviewed on: 03.05.17

Stylist: Miriam McNamara

Miriam worked her curl magic in Asheville on my hair for several years. She taught me how to bring out my best curls without frizz. Minneapolis has gained some talent! 

Reviewed on: 02.05.17