870 Broadway
S. Portland, ME 04106, United States

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Stylist: Debbi Burns

I have 3b/c hair and have had my hair cut once before by Debbi- it was a nice solid cut, good shape, nothing special. This time, however, I wanted a big change and go super short- Debbi was pumped! She worked with the pictures I gave her and gave me an incredible cut, one that fit my face even better than my original idea! She is SERIOUS about curly hair, she has an understanding unlike any stylist I've had before ( I am previously from NYC and have had my hair cut by curly specialists in some of the swankiest salons- with mixed results). All this for about half what I would pay at the cheapest of NYC salons and I am happy to shell out. Debbi is passionate, she is constantly her craft, and best of all, she isn't in a terrible rush like all those NYC stylists. Go to Debbi, you can't go wrong.

Reviewed on: 17.05.14

Stylist: Deborah Burns

Living in NYC I had the opportunity to have my hair cut by "the curl experts." I used to pay a lot of money to go to the Devachan Salon. Discovering Diva in Maine was a shock! I didn't think it was possible to find an expert in curly hair at a reasonable price here in Maine. Debbi is fantastic! She is as good if not better than the stylists I have had in NYC. I would recommend her without reservation. No need to go to Boston or NYC when you can get a professional curly hair cut in Maine!!!

Reviewed on: 16.08.12

Stylist: Debbi Burns

I've been going to Debbi for a little over a year now. She's helping me grow out my very curly hair and showing me how to deal with styling it at home so it looks good in between visits. Took me forever to find a good stylist who listens and provides the tools you need to maintain at home!

Reviewed on: 12.06.11

Stylist: Debbi Burns

I am almost old enought to retire (I guess that makes me a Curly Senior) and I have had the same Hair Nightmares most Curly Girls have had. Being "Old" doesn't mean I don't want to be pretty. I finally found Debbi Burns who is a wonder. She does magic with my hair. She is the first sylist in years who didn't try to talk me into the hair-do SHE wanted to give me. She listened to what I thought would work, made suggestions and when we both agreed on a "hair style goal" she started dry-cutting my curly-wavy-pure white hair. (with great confidence) I felt so pretty when I left her salon.The last time I saw her it was raining and I still had errands to do...after an hour in the rain I wanted to go back and show her how great my hair still looked. I have been to three other salons in the Portland area that have said they understood curly hair and each time I came home in tears...(yes, even at MY age, I cry over a bad hair cut). Thank you Debbi for understanding, listening and doing such a great job!

Reviewed on: 06.05.11

Stylist: Deborah Burns

I had no idea what to do with my hair before I met Deb. She litterally taught me how to like the way I look. Highly, highly recommended.

Reviewed on: 16.02.11

Stylist: debbi burns

only stylist I have found in the area to cut dry first and then wet.....

Reviewed on: 05.01.11

Stylist: Debbi Burns

Was so surprised to find a DevaCurl Salon in Maine! Have been a client of Debbi's for a year or so and have been very happy with the results she's achieved. My hair is very complicated - different textures, very thick with a tendency to frizz. Thanks to Debbi, the poor texturizing cuts I received previously have been reversed, my hair is much healthier and I am so happy to be able to live as the curly girl I am!

Reviewed on: 29.12.10

Stylist: Debbi Burns

Such a great salon! It was only a year ago that I discovered that there were "curly specialists" and I immediately wanted to find my own...Debbi is great :) My aunt also goes to her and I refer curly girls all the time. I've had multiple hair cuts and colors, and have been happy every time with the way it turns out. Having her cut my hair makes such a difference!

Reviewed on: 20.10.10

Stylist: Deborah Burns

I have been to a few salons and hair stylists in the greater Portland area recommended by this NaturallyCurly site. No one compares to Debbie. She showed me how to make my hair curly curly, not frizzy curly. She cut my hair dry before and after my color: she literally shapes your hair! I highly recommend Debbie, and I'm so glad I found her!

Reviewed on: 04.01.10

Stylist: Deborah Burns

When I discovered the Naturally Curly website and community, I never thought I would be able to find a curl-friendly salon since I live in Maine! I always thought it was a big city thing to have specialized salons, but then I found Diva! I have only been once so far to see Debbie, but I cannot wait to go back!! Debbie really understands curls (she's a curly girl herself!) and when I walked out, I felt so good about having curly hair, which is not how I usually feel when I leave other salons. During the cut, she taught me how to take care of my hair properly and how to style it. Aside from being great with curls, she is an all around great stylist who's not intimidating or critical. If you have never had a curly cut before, I highly recommend Debbie!!

Reviewed on: 01.09.09