305 West Cordova St.
Vancouver, BC V6B 1E5, Canada

Stylist: Debbie

Debbie is a curl Goddess. She listens, asks questions, and does an amazing cut. As a bonus...she actually knows how to style curly hair and I've never felt like I have to go home immediately to wash and restyle my hair.
She educates other stylists on curly cutting/styling/care methods and is a super knowledgeable source on all things curl. 
On top of her skill with the scissors, she is a joy to be around and I look forward to my appointments with her; not just for the fantastic cut, but for some meaningful conversation as well.

If you live in Vancouver and have curly hair...you have to go see Debbie.

Reviewed on: 15.09.17

Stylist: Debbie

After reading the other review, this seemed like a good bet. I am so happy with that decision! My curls have gone from sad, limp and dry to perky, bouncy and full. Debbie spent a very long time with me without rushing, answered all my questions, and gave my hair exactly what it needed!

Reviewed on: 17.08.15

Stylist: Debbie

Heard about Debbie from another website They call her the curls whisperer! and that's for a reason. She really know how to deal with curly hair. But what i love the most about her is that she LISTENS she really does and she will do what you like and want from your hair and how much time and effort you put in styling you hair. Im very lazy and i always ask for a low maintenance cut. I have 3 a/b hair thats long and thick and could get out of control. but with her cuts it always look good. Last time ive also asked for a color but all i asked her for is to match my roots and that i wanted to go back to my natural color and she did a great job at that. My last appointment was over 5 months ( i know i need a cut ) but still the cut looks nice and after my roots had grown im very impressed of how good she matched them cuz i really cannot tell the difference. if you are in vancouver, I highly recommend Debbie  their prices are also very resnabole comparing to other high ends salons i went to 

Reviewed on: 05.02.15