Banishing Frizz: Some Quick Tips

2011-07-13 14:47:32

Banishing Frizz: Some Quick Tips

Quick tips for preventing frizz

* A good haircut is key (find an expert here) * Sleep on a satin pillowcase * Don't shampoo every day * Comb conditioner through hair in the shower * Avoid terrycloth towels; use microfiber instead * Air dry or use a diffuser * Use styling products suited for your hair type * NEVER use a brush * Don't touch your hair * A pomade is great for mid-day touch ups * Apply styling products to dripping wet hair

"Frizz" should not be in your vocabulary. Please find a Deva certified stylist in your area and understand your curls... as curls and not the "F" word!! Patty Colella~ Certified Deva Stylist at Phoenix 5000.
I have a satin pillowcase myself (a good friend of mine got her mother to make me one for Christmas), but you can also use a satin night-cap. It might look kinda funny, but it works. When applying leave-in conditioners and anti-frizz serums, make sure to focus them on the topmost layers and even more so the ends of the hair, since that is where most frizz takes place. Good luck!
thanks all you!!
I would suggest not using a microfiber towel - it is so absorbant that it tends to dry out the ends of the hair too much - but a cotton t-shirt is the best! And never a terry towel as it is so rough it will cause frizzies. My curly Girl method stylist passed this tip on to me.
i hope its work..