Ouidad Q&A: My Hair is So Thick and Coarse

2010-10-04 19:58:39

Ouidad Q&A: My Hair is So Thick and Coarse

A deep treatment might be good

Dear Ouidad: I'm growing out my thick, coarse, curly hair after 2 years of post-chemo hair. I'm miserable! Small clips and headbands don't handle my thick hair. Ideas?

A: One option is a softening treatment. It is a technique to loosen the curls with very mild relaxants blended with Deep Treatment. It works to soften out-of-control curls, making them more maintenance free and healthy looking.

Hmmm...'relaxants' sound like relaxers, but if that's what you want.... I'd say try scarves. Fold them so they make a band and tie it around your hair so it looks like a headband, but is stronger in keeping your hair pulled back. Look for satin or silk scarves. You can find them in all different colors and patterns. Hair pins work good to and can be like an "invisible" headband.