Give your hair a protein boost at home with this rum and egg porous hair treatment.

Creating the Mixture

I mixed together three tablespoons of vodka per egg yolk, so this meant six tablespoons of vodka and two egg yolks for my length of hair. The mixture was kind of gooey, even though I whipped it with a fork several times. It actually was smooth-looking, but once you stick your hands into it, you can see it’s kind of goopy.

Next, it’s a good idea to detangle your hair. Alcohol isn’t exactly a natural detangler (quite the opposite, actually), so do what you can beforehand.

Note that I started out with third-day hair, pretty dull at this point, with all sorts of crazy things going on. My hair was in a ponytail and some of the hair was straight-ish with spirals at the end, while other parts were just coily (especially near the nape of my neck). So I let it down and detangled before putting the mixture in my hair. Yep, that’s my combed-out frizz-happy hair.

At this point, you just dive right into the ooey-gooey mixture and start applying it to your hair.

I have to say, the mixture left my hair feeling kind of parched, rough and smelly. Then again, I can’t stand the smell of alcohol CONSTANTLY in my face, though this may not bother some people. While I let it set on my hair for approximately 20 minutes, I was nearly nauseous as I kept getting whiffs of the vodka around me. Bleck! I could't wait to hop into the shower!

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