Many of you have probably heard of the famous mayonnaise hair treatment and have thought to yourself, “Does that actually work?” Well, the answer is a huge and resounding, “YES!”

Sadly, no matter what the circumstances or our hair type, we all occasionally suffer from damaged hair. The truth is, with the amount of styling products that we use on a daily basis, hair restoration treatments and techniques have become a part of life.

Hair treatments in salons can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars per visit, which can really break the bank. Some of the over the counter products can cause more damage than good due to the low quality ingredients. So, it’s important that we find a balance between the super expensive and super lame treatments in order to get what we’re looking for.

This is where the mayonnaise treatment comes in. It is low-cost and quite literally, a miracle worker. So say "so long" to being broke, trash those drugstore brands and open your pantry!

Mayonnaise Hair Treatment Recipe

  1. Purchase some mayonnaise at your local grocery store. It doesn’t matter which brand you choose, just as long as it is regular mayonnaise. (No need to get the low-fat stuff — it’s going in your hair not in your body!)
  2. Prep your hair using warm water to get it nice and damp, but not soaking wet.
  3. Scoop some mayonnaise out of the jar and start rubbing it through your hair like you would a conditioner. The amount that you are going to use really depends on the length and thickness of your hair. Feel free to lather on the amount that you feel most comfortable with.
  4. Wrap your head of hair with a plastic wrap, a plastic bag, or shower cap to trap the heat inside. Heat opens the pores and allows the treatment to penetrate strands further and thus work better.
  5. Leave the treatment to sit on the hair for at least 20 minutes. You can let it sit longer depending on how damaged your hair already is.
  6. Wash the mayonnaise out. This is most easily done in the shower using a diluted shampoo. You may need to shampoo a few times before you are able to get all of the mayonnaise out. Be sure to use the shampoo gently, not tangling the hair.


You can also add other natural ingredients such as olive oil, avocado, or egg to the mayonnaise mixture. In fact, specifically adding almond oil and vinegar can help to get rid of lice.

Overall, the mayonnaise treatment will restore moisture and vitality to your strands without the high cost of a salon or the damaging effect of low quality products. This is a great treatment to use on a monthly basis and will leave you feeling glamorous. Who knew that looking good could be this easy?

I used a mayo/avocado/olive oil mixture on my healthy 2c hair for the first time and was amazed by how much it eliminated frizz. My hair has never looked shinier or so well-defined. That being said, I found my hair to be extremely greasy and limp. It looked like I had bathed in an oil slick. I either used way too much of the mixture or did a poor job of rinsing it out (I just used water). Since my hair wasn't damaged before, just really frizzy, I think this treatment was just too intense for my hair. But, if you're looking to put moisture back into your hair, this would work wonders. Next time, I think I'll try to substitute the mayo with honey or lemon juice, or perhaps switch to a sugar rinse, to find a happy medium :)
I know Mayo smells disgusting I just did the treatment and my entire room smells like mayonnaise
Ladies, using Mayo on your hair does work and this is coming from a 4A curly! I usually start this treatment on a Sunday for the week I want to wear wash n go's. The treatment really helps to show off my curl pattern. I only wish that Mayo didn't smell like, well... MAYO!