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With Halloween just around the corner, finding a great costume is on the top of many to-do lists. If you are anything like me, you thought you had plenty of time to come up with something awesome until you actually looked at the date and realized it was already mid-October. Instead of letting you fend for yourself, we put together a list of 10 great costumes for curly haired adults (and when I say adult I mean 16 and up). We think any costume would be lucky to be paired with naturally curly hair, so consider this a brainstorming session. Let's start with the men:



Men of the curly world, this should be a go-to costume! Especially those of you with long, black curly hair, wherever you are. Slash is known for his curly locks as well as his top hat. So grab a guitar (an inflatable one will do), find a top hat, and get going so you can win the “Best Rockstar” costume award.

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Um...Black Widow? Come on, Iron Man two is even recent. This list wasn't actually very good.
WHAT!!?? Where's Magenta?!
I'm being little dead riding hood: cute brown curly pigtails, but the red cloak is slashed and dirty, empty basket, and fake blood & slashes on face & arms. Blonde curlies could do this to goldilocks-- who didn't quite outrun the bears!