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We all want to do right by the planet we call home, but the matter of green hair care can get a little confusing. If you are new to this topic, here are a few tips on how to embrace green hair care for the benefit of your curls and the environment. 

1. Check labels

The most important part of green hair care is to check the labels on your current products as well as any you buy in the future. Part of going green is ridding your hair care routine of any chemicals that are harsh and damaging to curls and the planet. Some people say the general rule is that if you can't pronounce the ingredients, toss the product. While this is a popular rule to follow overall, it is important to note that some ingredients will sound worse than they really are, such as Benzyl alcohol which might sound scary, but serves as a preservative to keep products from going bad. The key is to read labels and do a little research to make sure they are made from natural sources.

2. Opt for organic ingredients

The easiest way to take on green hair care is to choose organic ingredients. It is important to note that there is a difference between natural ingredients and organic natural ingredients. For example, a product may list ingredients such as shea butter, honey, or tea tree oil, but that doesn't mean there are no chemicals in the formula or that these ingredients were harvested without the use of chemicals. The term organic means natural ingredients harvested without chemicals. If you are trying to go as green as possible, opt for organic products - here are a few of our favorites.

3. Avoid animal-tested products

If you are looking to go green, opting for products that are cruelty-free is a good place to start. Generally speaking, products that test their products on animals aren't showing a high level of concern with the ethical or environment impact of their products overall. When you choose cruelty-free, you can feel good about the products you use knowing no helpless animals were harmed in the process. Here are 10 cruelty-free brands you can trust.

4. DIY recipes

When you want to go green and try something new, creating a few DIY recipes is a fun way to try this out. Doing a few DIY recipes lets you customize the recipe to your exact needs while ensuring you have absolute control over what goes into the recipe. 

Do you prefer to use green hair care? Let us know which brands you love in the comments.