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Rochelle Graham Campbell is a multi-business owner, speaker, business consultant, mother, wife, a textured hair specialist, and she’s adding author to her many titles with her debut book 90 Days To CEO. Rochelle’s many contributions to the curly hair community makes her a textured hair pioneer. Having started as a YouTube hair vlogger (blackonyx77), Rochelle has grown her YouTube channel  into a multi-million dollar hair and beauty company, Alikay Naturals. For 10 years Rochelle and Alikay Naturals have helped women achieve their healthiest hair through innovative natural ingredient beauty solutions. Now, Rochelle is expanding her empire by teaching others how to create their dream successful business with her new book, 90 Days to CEO. Her legacy extends beyonds hair and beauty, and encompasses a life in service of others. 

Image: @therochellegraham 


Rochelle’s journey to success has been a long 10 year road full of highs and lows. Whether she’s speaking on a panel, enjoying a vacation, or working in her office, Rochelle always keeps it real by sharing her successes and failures in life and business. She used her own experiences as the major inspiration for writing 90 Days to CEO.  She describes her new book as, 

“ The business blueprint to help as many people as possible also build their dream businesses to create a legacy for their families and become their own success story. This book does more than just inspire, it educates and knowledge is a powerful tool that no one can take from you”.  (Rochelle Graham-Campbell, 2019)

You may be wondering how Rochelle’s story differs from other self-made entrepreneurs. She actually started Alikay Naturals with only $100 from tips she made as a waitress. Well, Rochelle has truly defied the odds being a young, black female in an e-commerce industry designed for people who do not resemble her. Instead of giving up during challenging times, Rochelle persisted and the results speak for themselves with a YouTube channel over 100K subscribers and 17 million views, an innovative and thriving natural hair and beauty business, and reaching the one million revenue mark (a true accomplishment that only two percent of women of color entrepreneurs achieve). Moreover, her accomplishments were achieved without any outside investors or seed money. In addition, Alikay Naturals is one of the first few natural hair brands to be sold in Target and other major retailers, and has enabled opportunities for other black owned brands to do the same. Needless to say, Rochelle is a true pioneer, leader, and boss. 

Image: @therochellegraham 


Rochelle says 90 Days to CEO is the perfect guide to help people move beyond being a “WANTprenuer” to an entrepreneur. With Rochelle’s help, it's not too late to start those new year resolutions you may have put off. If you’re looking to turn your side hustle into a business, 90 Days to CEO will provide you a blueprint for kickstarting your business. In the words of Rochelle, “it's a comprehensive no-BS guide to starting and running a successful business”.  The book offers a unique perspective on entrepreneurship by focusing on the mindset needed to be successful.  Rochelle takes a different approach by sharing practical tips for leveraging social media to grow a brand and drive revenue.

Rochelle’s passion for beauty and business has manifested itself in her new book. Her contributions to the textured hair community make her a pioneer to millions. Now with her new book, Rochelle continues to build her legacy and reinvent herself while helping others find success in business and life. 

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