As a natural that only alternates between 3 hairstyles (bun, wash & go, & blowout”>, you bet I am constantly trying products and techniques to finesse each of my looks to perfection. Enter the blowout: I wear this stretched style about once every 2 months and over the years, I have noticed that if I don’t use a good exfoliating, buildup releasing cleanser from the very beginning, my hair is flat, flat, flat, and doesn’t move around very much. So you can definitely imagine the joy felt upon discovering my new favorite product for my first step in my hair washing regime.  

This Goop Shampoo is a Must Try for a Healthy Scalp

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Gwyneth Paltrow, actress, evangelist, & activist extraordinaire introduced goop to the wellness world in 2008. Seen as a hub for fitness, all of the crazy hard to imagine wellness trends, clothing, products, shoes!, products, recipes, and did I say products lol, Gywneth created a one-stop-shop for emerging clean brands to launch and also eventually formulated her own line, which I’m pretty obsessed with. After browsing the site, I came across her one hair product, the goop G.Tox Himalayan Salt Scalp Scrub Shampoo and I’m pretty smitten with the results from this one. 



Moringa oil, Rosehip Oil, Pink Himalayan Salt, a bevy of essential oils, and Coconut Acid are all the real winners here, making this scalp detox a true sensory experience. Moringa strengthens the strands and moisturizes, while Rosehip Oil promotes hair growth. Sea Salt, an ingredient I had never tried before in my hair, is awesome for reducing acne, unclogging the follicles, balancing your skin’s ph levels, and encouraging hair growth as well.  



Yall, a little truly goes a long way with this scalp scrub. I used about a quarter-sized amount for my entire head and felt like that was still too much. I will admit I was a little hesitant to try this out at first because I thought the salt flakes wouldn’t dissolve and would get caught in my curly hair, but no traces of salt were left behind whatsoever. I also only shampooed once with this, did a nice little scalp massage, rinsed, and then went straight into the conditioner. 

This Goop Shampoo is a Must Try for a Healthy Scalp

Image: @heyhellolauren


Cue a shiny, voluminous blow out that would have all the girls envious honey. My hair felt so lightweight after using this product and my style lasted for about a week longer than it typically does. I will admit I was a little worried that the salt would dry me out and make my hair flaky, but the infusion of the oils into the shampoo, plus the usage of my Innersense conditioner made me feel pretty moisturized without the greasiness. Overall, I would rate this a 10 out of 10 and have since recommended this product to almost everyone in my friend group. Note: If you have colored hair, I would stay away, because I don’t think the salt would play nicely with color retention. 


Have you tried any of the goop products!? Drop your faves!

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