For many curlies, cooler temperatures, drier indoor and outdoor air, and moisture-stealing hats and scarves can lead to parched hair overall, with ends that are brittle, fuzzy, and prone to breakage. As the oldest part of the hair shaft, the ends are furthest away from the sebum of the scalp, and most in need of added hydration. This may cause your pattern to become looser as your hair grows longer. Dry ends are pulling down the natural buoyancy of your curls. Getting regular trims really helps, as do the tips below.

Top 5 Tips to Care for Your Ends in Cooler Weather

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Step up your deep conditioning regimen.

  1. After shampooing, generously apply a rich, hydrating deep-conditioning masque. Work it through to the ends, and then massage it in. These deep conditioners will impart maximum moisture to your tresses 
  1. Finger detangle your hair or use a wide-toothed comb for tangles that you cannot break apart with your fingers. 
  2. Brush through your hair with a Denman brush, flipping your head over to ensure you have reached all your hair. 
  3. Massage your ends again. 
  4. Don a Hot Head, and let the conditioner work its magic for 20 minutes for high porosity hair and up to 45 minutes for low porosity hair. Do not leave it on longer than the recommended amount of time, and especially do not leave the conditioner on overnight.


Always use a cream-based leave-in on your ends.

Even if you are a minimalist when it comes to your routine (maybe a bit of gel, and that’s all you need”>, when your ends are dry, coating them with a rich, creamy leave-in can help. If you prefer a water-based leave-in for your roots, that is fine, but dry ends need more moisture. Two cold weather leave-ins to love are: 


Switch to a cream gel.

If you like the hold that gel gives you, but it makes your curls a little dry, try a gel that will add some moisture along with the hold. These formulations are crunch-free, too.


Seal those ends with a small amount of Argan oil.

This is a trick that will help smooth and soften your ends and keep your curls looking defined. After you have applied your leave-in and styler, emulsify 2-3 drops of Argan oil between your palms, and then apply it to the ends of your curl clumps using the praying hands method.


Try a satin-lined hat.

Caps and knitted beanies can have rough, dry fabrics that remove all the moisture from your hair. A satin lining can keep the flyaways and frizz in check. This beanie, for example, will complement your winter ensemble without wrecking your curls.


How do you take care of your ends in cooler weather? Let us know in the comments. If your ends are dry, but your roots are oily, click here for tips. 

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