Drybar hair salon NYC

After we received a bouncy blow-out last week at Drybar NYC, life improved dramatically: Jake Gyllenhaal look-a-likes opened doors for us, it seemed easier to hail a cab and we spent minimal time fussing with our mane (it lasted for three full days with the help of dry shampoo!). Head to any of Drybar's locations in California, Texas, Arizona and New York where you can score a professional blow-out for just $40 (it's a flat rate for all hair types and lengths).

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While we were tempted by many of the six hairstyles on the menu (such as "The Straight Up," which is sleek with a little volume), we opted for the "Cosmo-Tai," a mix of beach waves and loose curls.

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Even if you can't make it the salons, you can still achieve a lovely blow-out at home thanks to the tips we picked up from our stylist, Hoshalah:

  1. Don't rough-dry. When your tresses are wet, do not shake the dryer (like you would a diffuser) to achieve sleek strands. Instead…
  2. Angle your tool. Smooth out even the wildest waves by using a round brush and pointing the blow-dryer nozzle in a perpendicular direction to the brush (you should not blow air directly at your mane).
  3. Hair has a memory. If you keep doing something over and over, your strands will remember it and follow the pattern. For instance, our guru was able to flatten our cowlick by pulling it straight a few times. Note: Locks retain information until the next time they come into contact with humidity.

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