3 NaturallyCurly Editors Show 3 Ways to Style a Headwrap

2016-05-13 17:06:05

3 NaturallyCurly Editors Show 3 Ways to Style a Headwrap

Summer is pretty much here. This is how we do headwraps for stylish protection.

Summer is fastly approaching and it's time to explore protective style options for our delicate curls.


Fran, Nikki, and Devri show you 3 ways to style your favorite headwrap on 3 different lengths of curly hair (featuring The Wrap Life).

#1 - The Bow

our Graphic Designer, Fran (@somegirlfromtexas)

Using a mini butterfly clip, tie your hair up into a high ponytail with the ends loose (AKA pineapple). Fold the width of your headwrap in half. Wrap the headwrap around the back of your head and tie a knot in the front where your loose hair hangs. Tie a huge bow in the front.

#2- The Top Knot

our Video Manager, Nikki (@nchanel)

Put your hair in a high bun. Cover your entire head with the headwrap and tie a knot in the front. Braid the 2 loose ends of the headwrap, twist the knot up and tuck it into another part of the wrap to secure.

#3- The Twisted Crown

our Content Editor, Devri (@devrivelazquez)

Tie hair into a low pony with the ends loose. Place your headwrap over your head like a veil; tie in the back. With the 2 loose ends, twist and twirl up to the front of your head next to each other. Tuck both ends of the wrap to secure.

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Devri Velázquez

Devri Velázquez

NC Content Editor Devri is a passionate writer with a deep appreciation for all forms of expressive art and culture. After being diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease in 2011, Devri's personal mission has been to empower other women to focus on their individual self-care and wellness.

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