In our World of Curls series we're bringing you curly girls from, you guessed it, all over the world. Today we're talking to Nelly from Paris. Bonjour Nelly!

My name is Nelly, I live in Paris and I'm an accountant by day.  At home I am a fashion and beauty blogger/vlogger. I have been wearing my natural hair for over 2 years now. My favorite thing is that I  like being able to style my hair differently. My hair does not have the same texture depending on the products that I use. It's fun.
But taking care of my hair takes me too much time. I spend a day take care of it, shampoo to styling. This is what I like least.
Favorite Product

Right now I like coconut oil. It softens, maintains hydration and protects my hair. For hairstyles, I do it all the times.

Favorite Style

I would say the hairstyle that I get approached about most by girls with my natural hair is the twist-out. It gives a nice definition to curls. In terms of fashion, I would say it's my waders. I see this trend more and more these days. It elongates the silhouette and refines the legs, they're a winter must have.

*Editor's Note: Waders are like coveralls or overalls

My Best Advice

Focus on the health (not length) of your hair. The best advice would be to be patient. It takes time to understand what works for our hair texture. You have to test several products before finding the right one. Do not be discouraged and focus on the length but rather the health of our hair.

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