Women’s desire to remain beautiful has had them doing crazy, weird things to their hair, nails and skin for as long as recorded history.

Whether from ancient or from modern times, these gross beauty trends are outrageous and have had women everywhere feeding into their popularity.

Ultimately, there are always beauty trends that have many of us shaking our heads. Here are some of our favorites that are really “out-there.”

Pale-Face Makeup

When too much is too much!

Made popular in the Middle Ages, the pale face fashion helped to hide scars and sores from smallpox. However, many beauty pros still think this whiteout look makes the face more dramatic for fashion shows and even everyday life.

To accomplish the look in the Middle Ages, women used white lead on the face, which resulted in many deaths from lead poisoning.

Teased Hair

Bad for your hair, and for your fashion reputation.

A popular facet of the ’80s, teased hair had women puffing the hair out from the roots of their hair.

To accomplish the look, women used combs and an up-and-down brush stroke to give the hair excess volume and have it stand on end. Due to the motion, hair easily tangled. Women not using conditioners to detangle the hair on a daily basis saw major hair breakage from repeated teasing.

Today, “The Jersey Shore’s” own Snooki (Nicole Polizzi”> has popularized this signature 1980s look by “poofing” and teasing the hair upward, creating a poof on the top of the head. The trend has exploded across the world, and teens and women alike are exposing their inner poof. Yikes!

Bright Eye Shadow

Still a Halloween staple.

Remember Mimi from “The Drew Carey Show”? This makeup trend had women applying bright blue, purple, pink and any other pastel color from the lash line to the brow bone. The result? A bright mess of rainbow colors that looks like frosting.

What were we thinking?

Jessica Mousseau

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