In today's world, staying fresh and trendy is harder then ever. With constant trend changes, women and celebrities alike have to stay on top of their A game to look their best. One such new trend is bright hair streaks.

Celebrities such as Jordin Sparks, Lauren Conrad & Britney Spears are shocking the world with their brightly streaked hair. Here's how you can too.

What Are Clip-In Streak Accessories?

Green, pink, purple or blue—clip-in hair streaks are available in any color imaginable. Clip-in streak accessories give you the ability to remove the color after your wild streak has died down. This easy-to-use option allows you to clip in the color rather than dying and damaging your locks.

How To Wear Bright StreaksWhether you use one piece in the front, or several throughout the head, bright hair streaks aren't for the faint at heart.

Glamour Magazine calls bright hair streaks "funky, fun and lovely." Bright hairstreaks are a fun way to express one’s self. Learning how to wear these streaks isn’t difficult. Ultimately, it depends on what look you want to achieve.

Some choose to clip the streak in down the middle of the head and wear a headband on top so that the clip is hidden. Others clip the bright streak of their choice in the bangs twisting the colors downward to the end of the hair.

For a more extreme look, try several clip-on pieces and place them throughout the hair (think highlights). Another easy way to not only hide the clip, but to create a random (yet trendy) pop of color is to clip the hair into place and then style the hair into a braid, bun or updo. The random color displayed will be a hit!

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Permanent Hair Streaking Options

If temporary and removable wild hair streaks are too mundane, you can always opt for long-lasting dying options. First, decide what type of endurance you desire from your dye: permanent, semi-permanent (lasts a few weeks), demi-permanent (used mostly for those with gray in the hair) or temporary.

It’s always important to consult a professional hair stylist to apply the color. Bright colors require bleaching, which can damage your hair. If done incorrectly, the hair can turn orange—and not the orange you were shooting for.

Also, remember that any color that may be on the hair already can stall the hair dying process, or even reject the color entirely. Certain prescription drugs can also alter the hair and create a tough surface to work on.

Ultimately, bright hair streaks allow women the choice to dare to be different for just one day —or for however long they please. The wide range of rainbow colors offers versatility and the ability to match (or intentionally mismatch) with one’s outfit for the day. Whether in the office, at an event or simply on a shopping trip, bright hair streaks are sure to turn heads, raise eyebrows and drop jaws.

Come on curlies, dare to be different!