Jada Pinkett Smith

Dear Rebecca: I want to make my hair is as curly curly as Jada Pinkett Smith's hair. I used to have puffy, afro-like hair, but I got it permed and when I blow dry it, I want to try to make it curly. How do I do that and what products do I use to make that type of hair?

Dear Curls Wanted: Ok, I’m not sure what you mean by a perm. Did you receive a relaxer, or an actual permanent wave that makes hair curly? I’m assuming that you received a relaxer as many people still refer to a relaxer as a perm. So once you have removed the curl from your hair with a relaxer, it is permanently altered and straightened. The best way to achieve Jada’s natural curls would be with a flexi rod set. A flexi rod comes in many different sizes but I would recommend using the yellow flexi rod which is the same size as a drinking straw. Here’s my step-by-step recommendation:

  1. Shampoo and condition the hair.
  2. Apply a leave-in conditioner.
  3. While the hair is damp, apply a moisturizing cream gel like Design Essentials Natural Defining Creme Gel. This product has fantastic hold, and provides beautiful long-lasting sheen!
  4. Part the hair into four quadrants and take a 1-inch x 1-inch section. Comb the product through, ensuring saturation. Then wrap the hair around the flexi rod. Continue this throughout the hair until the entire head is covered with flexi rods.
  5. Finish by sitting under a hooded dryer until the hair is completely dry.
  6. Remove all the flexi rods, making sure that you remove them in the direction that keeps the curl in a ringlet formation.
  7. To really make your curls pop, finish your style by applying Design Essentials Daily Moisturizing Lotion, to separate and define each curl.

You will love your finished look. Good luck with your curly locks!!

Dear Rebecca: I have 2a/2b wavy hair that I guess I never knew I had since I've always blown my hair dry—I always figured that it was so "in-between" that it would be better straight!! Anyway, I am now embracing my waves/curls and would like to enhance them and have more. I have started going shampoo-less just this month; I am using salt water water spray and flax seed gel. I seem to get a lot of flyaway frizzies, though. I no longer live in the U.S. and do not have access to many of the products mentioned on NaturallyCurly. Do you have any suggestions for some good homemade moisture?? I am assuming that it is what I need—however, I am afraid that it will weigh down the waves too much and straightening them. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanx so much.

Dear Embracing Curls: Where are you living? It sounds exotic and wonderful!! This homemade moisture combination was recommended to me by my beautiful grandmother. It is an ancient Aztec remedy for adding moisture to the hair. You will need 1 avocado, moisturizing shampoo, a bowl, and olive oil. Shampoo the hair first with a moisturizing shampoo, towel blot the hair. Then in the bowl, mix a large avocado, and 1tsp. of olive oil. Mix it as best you can until the mixture is smooth. Apply to your hair starting with the ends first. Follow by applying it completely all over on the hair. Wrap your hair in plastic wrap (obviously something the Aztec’s wish they’d had) and let the treatment penetrate the hair for 15-30 minutes. Once completed, rinse the mixture thoroughly from the hair. The natural fatty acids from an avocado will be an excellent source of moisture and provide immense sheen. If you feel that there is too much weight, lightly shampoo the hair to remove excess moisture. In small sections, maybe 2inches by 2 inches, twirl (with fingers) the hair in its natural curl pattern (ensuring that the hair is moist while manipulating it) then allow the curls to air dry. I believe your hair will be full of sheen with beautifully defined loose waves. Do this remedy once a month until you are able to purchase some Design Essentials Natural products for maintenance for your curly hair.

Dear Rebecca: I was wondering if you could give me some tips for nighttime hair. I've tried the pineapple technique but I find the pieces around my face sometimes get pulled straight. I have the same problem when I put my hair in a loose bun for showering. Maybe I'm not using the right products around my face. I am Caucasian; my hair type seems to be 2a around the front of my face and 3c in the back.

A: There are many ways to maintain your curls at night. Two common practices are sleeping with a satin bonnet on your hair and sleeping with a satin pillowcase on your pillow. But, I find for your curl pattern a really good way to maintain 2a curls is to pin-curl them before you go to bed. Pin curling is a simple way of pinning the curl in its natural resting place. This gently keeps your curls in place while you sleep. All you will need are small clippies, or bobby pins (you can pick them up from your local beauty supply). Depending on the size of the curl, take 1 inch by 1 inch sections and gently twist the curl around your finger. Then push the hair off the finger on to the head, and pin. Continue this technique by pin-curling the areas where you want to preserve your curls overnight. You may find that you need something to control the frizz in the morning. If so, try Design Essentials Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion. It separates and defines the curls while creating lasting sheen. For morning styling, you can pin curl your hair right after you cleanse and condition. I do this to my hair when it’s damp and leave it in while I get my babies and myself ready. Then, (so I don’t embarrass my babies at school) I remove all pin curls before I leave the house. It really works to activate your curls, and it gives great bounce.

Dear Rebecca: I'm 20 years old and African American. I just did my big chop last Monday and I was wondering what products or procedures do I need to do/use in order to develop my curl pattern? When my hair is wet, it's extra kinky. In addition, I was wondering what is a good shampoo to use that's not extra harsh or has less sulfate than the most?

A: CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR BIG CHOP!!! This is big ☺. I’m loving the new Design Essentials Natural line for the maintenance of curly hair. All their products contain natural botanicals and essential oils that really help to maintain beautiful, natural hair. Try the Design Essentials Natural Curl Cleanser and Natural Conditioner. I would highly recommend the DE Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion for daily moisture. If desire more length to your now shorter hair, use the Design Essentials Natural Curl Stretching Crème. You’ll get excellent sheen and separation. Trust me, you will not be let down with this combination!! Also, start to lengthen the time between shampoos. This will also help to define your texture.