For some of us, wash day is a real pain.

It's not that we hate our curls, or taking care of them, but from the tangles to the amount of hair we have to work through, it can feel like a chore sometimes. With a few tips for an easier wash day, you can get through it with less stress on both you and your strands!

A woman with a light brown complexion and bouncy brown curls stretches and smiles in a gray hoodie


1. Wash your hair stretched

One of the best tips for an easier wash day is to work with hair that is stretched. This will help save you time over washing non-stretched hair since it will be less tangled. Stretched hair is usually easier to work with and this will save you some time when you are in a hurry on wash day, so if you have a scheduled day every week, go ahead and do a flexirod set, blowout, or twists the day before! You'll look extra cute, and your curls will thank you later. It's a win-win!

2. Wash in sections

Whether you are dealing with a little or a lot of hair, washing in sections allows you to get the best clean without creating new tangles. Separate hair into 3 or more sections using duckbill clips. This allows you to really focus on one section at a time to get a thorough cleansing!

3. Detangle while you wash

Hopefully, you know never to dry brush or detangle hair without some conditioner! And if you didn't know, it's time to take it to heart now—your curls need that slip! On washday, take it a step further and detangle right there in the shower. A good way of doing it is to wash your hair, and then apply your favorite in-shower conditioner. While it soaks into your strands, gently use your fingers to run through and break up any tangles. Depending on your curl type, the comb-through might not last through your last rinse, BUT it'll definitely help spread your conditioner evenly (a must if you're using something extra thick) and make everything easier once you're ready to dry.

4. Wash in the shower

Some naturalistas prefer to wash their hair in the sink. And that's fair! We all have fond memories of mothers, and aunties washing our hair under the kitchen faucet...well. We all have memories anyway. And for some of us, sink washing has become a lifelong habit! But curlies, you may want to take the nostalgia glasses off for a bit, because it's SO much easier and faster to get your curls clean in the shower! When you wash in the sink, not only is it uncomfortable more uncomfortable to bend under the faucet now that you're at 'big girl' height, but you may also have a harder time getting a good clean. Unless you're naturally exactly sink sized, or blessed with a deep trough style unit (dare to dream), you're not going to be able to contort yourself as easily, which means, you'll need to spend more time rinsing with a much higher possibility of missing spots, and getting product buildup where you want it least—which is anywhere. When you're in the shower, gravity is working with you to carry dirt and conditioner down your strands with the water. As long as you can comfortably and safely look up or down while standing in a shower, you'll have a much easier time detangling, massaging, and rinsing than you would at the sink. Plust, there's no need to move any dishes...we hope.

5. Dry while multitasking

If saving time is a big issue, the easiest way to do that is to wrap your hair up in a towel and work on some other part of your routine. The best way to do your drying is with a microfiber towel. This type of towel is super absorbent so it will dry your hair faster. This gives you time to do your makeup, eat breakfast, put down another towel on your bed and nap, or whatever other task is a part of your day! While turbaning won't dry your strands completely, it does help to remove a lot of that excess water left over from the shower. Best of all, it gives you a little bit of a break to do something else! Let your arms rest, they've earned it!

Has that made it any simpler, curlies?

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