Three kids with three different curl patterns, and you’re stuck styling hair for two hours each morning. What’s a mom to do?

Aisha Crump, CEO and founder of Honey Baby Naturals, knows this scenario well. The hair textures of her three children range from loose curls, to tight kinks. How has this Latina mom with straight hair learned to manage her kids’ curls? Time.

“Part of the reason why I created the brand was so that we all could use the same products. Each child layers on more product based off of need,” she says.

From her teens into adulthood, Crump said she never had issues managing her hair. She washes it daily and can dry it within five minutes.

“I just wash and go because I’m a mom and I’m busy. The biggest challenge is because my hair is so fine, I have to be careful with coloring because it’s fragile. But because I love textured hair, I use a curling wand to get more volume,” she said.

Her biracial kids’ hair? A challenge.

Her oldest child, 16-year-old Khalil, was born with very fine hair that became thicker and more coarse as he aged. Kyra, 12, had thicker hair as a baby, and many coils. Crump’s youngest child, 10-year-old Karynn, has very loose, but strong curls.

“From the beginning, I could tell Kyra’s hair texture was different,” said Crump. “It takes hours to wash, dry and detangle, but her hair is so healthy.”

To combat her struggles with dealing with three hair textures, she remembered her childhood. Being Latina, Crump grew up with family members with a mix of curl patterns.

“I had biracial little cousins, and I loved to do their hair. Because their texture was different than mine, I was curious,” she said.

Despite the experience of being introduced to different types of hair early on, Crump still faced frustration as a parent, because styling hair became too time-consuming.

“I’m a fast-paced person, and a working mom who runs a business. I don’t want to wake up and spend two hours doing hair. I had to learn patience and understand that they want to be creative with their hair,” she said.

For parents experiencing similar issues, Crump recommends:

  1. Utilizing resources like NaturallyCurly, following beauty influencers and taking tips from brands
  2. Developing patience when styling your kids’ curls
  3. Finding the right tools and products that can save you time
  4. Enforcing curl confidence by teaching each kid to love their curl patterns

“Growing up, especially in a biracial family, this is very important for my girls. They see my hair and notice that it is straight, but it’s about getting them to embrace their own textures,” says Crump. “In society, people are so judgemental about hair texture. Because Kyra has the hair she does, people would look at me then look at her with confusion, like ‘how is that your daughter?’”

Previously, Crump said her girls would desire to straighten their hair, but as of recently, she’s noticed that keeping her kids around women who are also confident in their curls has changed their perspective.

“It was really important for Kyra, with her darker complexion, to embrace her natural curl pattern. Now, she’s so proud of it,” said Crump. “Taking my daughters to hair shows along with Honey Baby Naturals where women take so much pride in their curls has been great for them. They feel like their hair is a crown.”

Life-Changing Advice from a Straight-Haired Parent with Curly Kids

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