Ever wondered how Amanda Seyfried, the star of “Letters to Juliet,” “Dear John,” and “Mamma Mia,” gets her tousled type 2 waves? Simple – don’t wash it!

That’s right, the Hollywood actress admitted to the Belfest Telegraph that she only washes her hair every three days, and uses dry shampoo instead of the in-the-shower liquid stuff. We’re assuming that this means the beauty maven co-washes her hair when she does put water to it.

Want to steal her look, and get healthier waves in the process? Simply skimp out on daily shampoos and opt for, instead, a co-washing habit. Here’s how:

  1. Pick up a water-soluble products. Read the product labels here. Look for conditioners and stylers that do not contain silicones — or catch up on which silicones are water-soluble and which aren't. If you aren't planning to shampoo, you'll need to use products that can be washed out easily with just water.
  2. In the shower, wet hair throughly and apply a large portion of conditioner to your hair. Your hair needs to be covered and saturated from roots to ends.
  3. Noodle your hair. This is just  fancy term for finger combing and detangling. Grab sections of your hair and finger comb tangles out, running your hands through the section in a quick fashion, multiple times. This will rub the conditioner into the hair shaft, basically "washing" it the way that a shampoo would.
  4. For your scalp, use the conditioner like you would a shampoo. If you are still rubbing and tousling your scalp in the shower — like they do in the Herbal Essences commercials — stop right now! All that rubbing is bad news for your curls, and only causes more tangles and destroys the curl pattern. Instead, use the same "noodle" method on your scalp, rubbing your hands through the hair to detangle, and then gently massage the conditioner into the scalp. This will cleanse it.
  5. If your hair ever feels greasy or dirty, you may need to use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of product buildup. Be sure you only apply the shampoo to the scalp, and use the same method as above. No more Herbal Essences mimicking! Or, just do what Amanda does and use a dry shampoo, instead!

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Final Thoughts

Co-washing can take a couple weeks to get used to, and in the meantime, your hair may feel greasier or dirtier than before. It isn't. Once you get past the initial change, your waves will be curlier and healthier — just like Amanda Seyfried's!