Andre Walker Hosts Exclusive Twitter Q&A

2011-07-21 16:13:16

Andre Walker Hosts Exclusive Twitter Q&A

Submit your questions for NaturallyCurly's exclusive Twitterview with Andre Walker before July 26.

Andre Walker

Hey, there, all you naturally curlies—we’ve got some exciting new for you!

Andre Walker, creator of the revolutionary hair types system and Oprah’s “mane” man for the past 20 years, is having an exclusive Twitterview, Tuesday July 26, and has been invited!

For an entire hour, Walker will be available to answer any questions that we tweet to him, and any questions that go unanswered will be aggregated and answered afterwards.

The Twitterview invite is only being passed along to the top 20 hair bloggers, so this is your chance to ask Andre Walker anything you want!

Simply write your questions for Walker in the comment section below and we will make sure that it is tweeted (and hashtagged) to the man himself. Then, we’ll update this post, giving you all the Q&A details as well as all the hair and beauty advice you can handle.

Get to asking, ladies and gents. You only have a few days to get the questions in!

Tracey Wallace

Tracey Wallace

According to your type system I have a mixture of 3 and 4 (crown) hair and I started using Henna about 6 months ago and my curls started to loosen up too much looking almost straight. How do I revive my curl pattern without cutting all of my hair off? Also I now want to lighten my hair is there any way to do this after having used Henna in the past?
I have type 3c/3b hair that has a small patch of 4a at the crown that doesn't spiral like the rest, how can I better blend it with the curls?
Did you apply the Keratin treatment to Oprah's hair. I thought I heard her say something about the Keratin was good on the show with the ladies from the View.
How do you get Oprah's hair to be full of spiraled curls? Do you use special rollers or is it naturally curly and you just put product in it to bring out the curls?
I'm having uneven growth on one side of my hair. My left side is longer than the right and the back grows fastest, hair is shoulder length and 4a. I tend to sleep on my right side. I put my hair in a low bun or just put a bonnet on when I sleep. Is there a certain way I should put my hair up at night so that I can even out my hair growth?