Looking for Taylor Swift-like ringlets

ouidad climate control

Ouidad Climate Control

Dear Ouidad: I recently got engaged and am longing for my dry, coarse and kinky curly hair to be more soft, healthy and looser ringlet-like curls before the wedding. (Much like Taylor Swift’s) Any suggestions?

A: Deep treatment intensive conditioning is the key to getting softer, healthier curls. After that I recommend a softening to loosen tight curls, but make sure that the softening process uses a calcium hydroxyl base, not a sodium hydroxyl base. This should be used months ahead of time, though to make sure you like the outcome. For special occasions you can use a Climate Control gel to control frizz and add moisture to loosen your curls.


i am also looking to loosen my curls i have 3c type hair so can anyone recommend a relaxing product that will be gently on my hair but also get the kinkiness and frizz out so in can wear my curls loose :)!??? thanks.

Teri La Flesh has COMPLETELY saved me and my hair- this is NOT an advertisement I swear. Her tips are making my hair look amazing and it is growing. Since it will take years and years to grow it as long as I want to I might as well start the process now. Please-check out her site. It is INVALUABLE!

If anybody sees this comment O need help with my hair and I can't seem to find the right article on here... I have type3 curly hair, its soft and has great texture but Its often frizzy and not the way i want it. I like thin not too poofy to overwhelm my face... I'd really like Tylor Swift's type and i think Ic an acheive it if I find the right stylers and stuf... I just don't enjoy producta that make my hair hard or give me buildup... the more natural and less time it take- the better!

The "loosening" suggested is actually a perm and calcium hydroxyl base (no lye relaxer) is gentler on the scalp, a sodium hydroxyl (lye relaxer) doesn't straighten as fast and doesn't cause mineral build up so most who use relaxers to texturize or loosen their curls tend to use lye relaxers often mixed with conditioners or oils to slow down processing and enhance moisture.

(1) I noticed that very frequent deep conditioning treatments help a lot at softening my curls and (2) backing soda treatments gives me good results at loosening my curl patern (3) But the best way to loosen up my curls is by letting my hair dry in loose braided sections after detangling and adding shea butter. [I am a 4b]