Mz Bratt’s roaring appearance at "The Lion King" premiere shows off corkscrew curls to die for. You can easily replicate her curly hairstyle with these insider styling tips and products. This look will work best for natural type 4, kinky hair.

Get Her Curly Cut

The look is an easy, mid length shape with long, full layers. The overall length is trimmed to create a solid base line.

  1. Cut straight across with scissors. It is better to cut this type of shape dry so you can really see what you have got. If your hair is wet and stretched, the spring back will be more than you expect.
  2. Trim the base line at the sides. Use a 3-way mirror or the assistance of a friend to connect the sides through the back.
  3. Cut the layers, working from the top down. Trim the very top layer to the length that gives the fullness you want. Lift sections between this top layer and the bottom layer out from your head at a 45-degree angle, half way from bottom to top. Have a piece of the top section in your fingers as a guide, and snip other sections to match to it.

The result is a full shape that shows off kinky hair's amazing texture!

Get Her Curly Color

Get the Look Products

Mz Bratt's hair is a warm level 6 brown with highlights. If your hair is naturally darker, select a shade level 7 or 8 labeled warm brown. Look for a gold base color. You will need some lift, so 30 volume developer is a good choice. Process following the manufacturers directions.

If your color is naturally lighter you need to deposit pigment. A level 6 warm brown with a gold base is the choice. Process with 10 volume developer for more pigment deposit.

Selected strands can be highlighted after the base color is processed by hand, painting on a small amount of lightener to the hair’s surface around the face. Follow the manufacturer’s directions and watch the color as it lifts. Rinse out the lightener when you see the color highlight you like.

Get Her Curly Hairstyle

A fun pile of coiled curls is an easy style to recreate.

  1. Mix a good amount of Zoot Hair Curly Glaze with five or six drops of Zoot Hair High Shine Gloss and apply throughout damp, towel-dried hair.
  2. Arrange, place and separate coils throughout the style with special emphasis on the ones that frame your face.
  3. Clip up selected coils at the base where some lift assistance is needed. Duckbill clips are the easiest to use and don’t disrupt the curl pattern.
  4. Allow the entire look to air dry. Be careful not to disturb the curls as the hair dries to reduce frizzing. Lightly mist your finished look with Zoot Hair Lock Your Look Firm Hold Hair Spray for hold that will last through the show and dinner afterwards.

Final Thoughts

Getting the look is about more than just the product you use, the cut you have or the color you put in. Keeping hair healthy will get you the best curls, every time! What do you do to keep your curls looking red carpet ready?