No Natural Hair at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

2011-11-30 14:44:08

No Natural Hair at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

The lack of texture was hard to hide at this year's fashion show.


We love the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. The music rocks, the colors are amazing and the $10K bras are superfluous and insane, but kind of cool to say the least. There isn’t much negative anyone can really say about the show, except maybe for Adriana Lima’s diet beforehand. That, and the fact that the show made natural hair look non-existent.

If millennia from now, all anyone has of 2011 is the video of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, they will think that curly haired women were absent from the planet. Even the non-models were sporting wigs full of non-natural curls, ahem, Nicki Minaj and Beyonce – who looks fabulous pregnant, might I add.

Not that big of a deal, you might say? Well, OK, maybe not, but I do have a bit of a bone to pick with the runway industry – seriously, use texture!

If you weren’t paying attention this past fall, as models flooded Paris and Manhattan during their respective fashion weeks, you would be hard pressed to find a model on the runway with natural hair. Trust us on this – we searched photo gallery after photo gallery (and searched Getty images, too). The photos just don’t exist.

A Victoria's Secret model presents a creation as singer Nicki Minaj performs.

In up-coming articles, we will explain to you why this was, and what's in store for the Spring 2012 runways that might change things a bit...but I’m getting ahead of myself.

As 2011 comes to a close (seriously, December starts tomorrow, people!) it’s hard to not to notice that the fashion industry kind of threw us natural hair gals under the bus this year. Granted, all of us know that the runway is not real life, but it wouldn’t hurt to see a few natural waves, curls or kinks up there – and we aren’t talking blow dried and then curled with a curling iron, either!

So, here’s to hoping runways in 2012 bring more to the natural revolution table besides fake wigs, ratted teasing-gone-bad, or straight-as-a-board weaves.

Also, here’s to hoping that the only thing the future has to remember us by is NOT the Victoria’s Secret fashion show – despite how pretty and colorful and mind-numbingly entertaining it is.

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Final Thoughts

Ladies, what do you think about the lack of texture on the runways this past year, and what are you hoping is up and coming for next year?


Tracey Wallace

Tracey Wallace

Look if you want to go natural that is fine however many of us sisters do not like it and I was ecstatic to see models able to wear any hairstyle. All the commercials on TV have black women on a hair ghetto forced to wear natural hair..come on we all dont like to wear our hair that way granddaughter wants to model she is beautiful and being biracial asian/black her hair goes down past the middle of her back the agency told her she could not wear her hair flat ironned she woulld have to wear it natural can you imagine this little bitty face under this huge swath of hair...comeon I am going to write them and applaud them for letting black women wear their hair the way you see most people on the street ....
While I agree the VS show had no natural hair I disagree with the statement about not seeing any natural hair on the runways this past year. I must say I saw a lot of natural hair this year, even designers building their entire collection around it. I even saw shows in which non black models' hair was styled to look like they had afros. So hmmm perhaps you should visit tumblr and you will see just what I am talking about. Tumblr was flooded with natural hair on the runway and in fashion ads this past year.
This was a pretty good article. Very on point, my expectation was for some naturally curly ladies somewhere. However I seen Victoria Model before and none have natural ways showing. Well at least I never seen them. The image of Victoria Secret has always been flowing wave long hair women with skinny none natural looking bodies.
Good article, but I don't see why you are surprised here. We have a shortage of brown models period, so that would explain the lack of natural hair IMO.