If there is one thing that binds each and every one of us with curly, coily or wavy hair together, it’s that so often our parents had no idea about how to take care of our natural hair, thus leading us to have to learn it all ourselves. For all texture types, the story is all too often the same when it comes to trying to get your family on your side as you embark upon your natural hair journey. “It will be too hard,” “It will take too long,” “It isn’t pretty,” they all say. I like to believe that our enduring desire to reach our natural goals despite initial family disapproval is one of the things that makes this community so strong. It is why there are thousands of YouTube videos and how to articles, all offering the tips and advice that many have had to learn the hard way.

And, this strength isn’t just reserved for those of not in the spotlight. In Glamour’s June edition, Nicole Richie opened up about her naturally curly hair saying, “I’m mixed and it is work to do my hair, so I learned to do it myself.”

Richie boasted that she believes she is the best hairdresser when it comes to her hair and as a fellow textured hair woman, and I couldn’t agree more. From knowing which products to use to how to apply them and even when to apply them, all the way to how to style for second day hair and the proper way to detangle, us naturals know our hair better than anyone — not the least of a professional.

In the June issue of Glamour, Richie’s hair is blown out into soft beach waves. About the style, Richie commented, “I have naturally curly hair, so ‘natural’ beach waves are not so natural for me. I like to braid my hair at night and then let it out in the morning.”

If you haven’t tried a braid out, you need to take some Nicole Richie advice and get on it. If you are years past that stage, take solace in hearing celebrities open up about their own struggles with their hair. The bigger the influence, the larger the audience, and the faster the Texture Revolution becomes the beauty staple.

Do you consider yourself your own ‘best’ stylist or do you prefer to leave your textured tresses to a professional?

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