Now add the "Pob" to that list.

Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, aka soccer stud David Beckham's wife, recently cut off her extensions and is sporting a funky bob that now is named after her -- the Posh Bob, or Pob for short. The Pob, a simple, sleek bob, is taking the country by storm.

While a bob is by no means a new hairstyle, Beckham reinvented it and gave it instant fashion status. Even best friend Katie Holmes is following the trend.

"We figure it's probably going to be the next big one," says Franco Peta, owner of Vancouver's Alta Moda Hair. "Not everyone can wear it. You've got to have the hair and you've got to have the face for it. It's courageous."

Stylists believe almost anyone can wear the Pob -- anybody except those with extremely curly hair. One stylist said curly hair forced into a Pob would wind up looking more "abstract."