It is with absolute certainty that, before last night’s appearance at the 75th Annual Golden Globes, you have watched, fan girled over, and applauded the magnificent Viola Davis.

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If there is a slight chance you have not heard of esteemed actress Violas Davis, allow me to illuminate the deepest caverns of your soul to give you a spark of life by listing her numerous achievements:

  • She won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Fences
  • Only African-American woman to be nominated for three Academy Awards
  • Is the BESTest best friend to Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love (which also made her my #bff in my head for years”>.
  • Somehow managed to hurt my feelings in Suicide Squad, but I’m not mad because she inspires me to grow up and wear bespoke pants suits and a piercing look that slices through to the core of all in her way.
  • Has been a natural hair inspiration since the moment her play mom Cicely Tyson combed her hair on Shonda Rhimes’s undeniable masterpiece television series How to Get away with Murder.

Need I go on?

We can sit here and revel in this #BlackWomanPower all day long, but I want to get to that ‘fro! I want hair like THAT. Viola’s stylist Jamika Wilson told Refinery29 precisely how she achieved the Afro using products you may not have heard of. According to Khalea Underwood,”She worked As I Am Curling Jelly Definer and As I Am Doublebutter Cream through her hair, and Davis slept with the twists in overnight. To prevent shrinkage, Wilson applied a small amount of Shea Moisture Red Palm & Cocoa Butter Curl Stretch Pudding, which elongated and defined the style.”

So, to get that Viola Davis Golden Globes level Afro, I have detailed a quick regimen for Type 4s and 3s that will give onlookers serious LIFE.

How to Get the Viola Davis Golden Globes 2018 Afro

  1. Starting with clean hair, divide your hair into 4-6 sections with your fingers (you may need more or fewer sections depending on hair density and length”>
  2. Thoroughly condition each section by cocktailing a small amount of hair oil, like Sunny Isle Extra Dark Jamaican Black Castor Oil, and a shea butter-based curl cream, like FORM Twist Styling Cream. Work the cocktail in from ends to roots.
  3. Two-strand each section, making sure to get a firm twist at the root. To keep the twist in place, wrap the length of the twist around the base of the twist. You are essentially creating Bantu Knots to set the look.
  4. For a quick set, blow-dry the knots on medium heat for 30 to 45 minutes. If you do not want to use heat and have time to spare, let the knots dry overnight.
  5. To style, coat your fingertips with hair oil and gently unwind the Bantu Knots. NOTE: You do NOT want to use a water-based product. It will cause shrinkage.
  6. Then, gently untwist the two-strands. At this point, you will see defined, elongated strands. Go ahead and gently separate them with your fingers and fluff them, starting at the roots, to build your Afro.
  7. To add Viola Davis level volume, use a wide-tooth pick to lift and further extend those curls around your dome. Be careful not to over separate the strands as you go; you still want curl definition.
  8. Once you are satisfied with the dome height, use the palms of your hands to pat down and shape your Afro.

Et, Voila! Or, ahem, “Et, Viola!”


I don’t know about you, but I am experiencing intense feelings about the #hairgoals, and LIFE Viola Davis gives us naturals on a regular basis. To see such a MASSIVE ‘fro on the red carpet at the Golden Globes was an all out raised-fist, power ‘fro dream come reality for me as a Black woman and proud member of the natural hair community.

From day one, the entire community’s call for natural hair, textured hair, and curly hair representation throughout every facet of entertainment, media, professions, and virtually every space has seemingly been treated like a whisper in the ears of hair and beauty professionals.

Viola Davis’s Afro has transformed that whisper into a full-volume ROAR. And, I admire and appreciate her so much more for trumpeting the cause in one iconic moment.

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We’re gonna say it. One of the unsung heroes of the night was @violadavis’ afro. ✌?#goldenglobes (?: @goldenglobes “>

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As ever, stay golden!

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