Ambition is nothing without follow-through.

It’s easy to want, too easy actually, but it’s much harder to DO. Bleaching my hair is absolutely one of those things that’s hard for me to do.

You’ve seen my hair, I obviously don’t mean that going blonde is hard as if it takes up a lot of my time, I mean more that it’s just plain hard to contemplate! For every piece of advice and assurance, I hear another horror story, imagine five MORE horror stories, and the concept just makes me extra anxious.

Just because I have a few wigs now doesn’t mean I can go through a third big chop, you guys. I’m not strong enough.

But the potential for towheaded greatness? Holy hydration, Batman. Some of y’all are out here making me want to risk it all! “All” meaning just my HAIR of course, this isn’t a thirsticle…technically…

Carter B. Rey

Do you all see how REGAL this looks? Nevermind that I’m not a man, but I can absolutely rock an all dark clean-line ensemble. I can get a lint brush. The contrast with the gothy pieces in my wardrobe will be SO worth it!

The Most Fly

Blondeness? Blazer? Classic rock tee? SQUEE!

The Most Fly lives up to her name for sure, this look has me about to reach for the gloves and bleach. Or a stylist’s number, actually. But I may reach for the laundry bleach, for a knockoff version of the look below.


Most of the self-made blond/es on this feature are rocking a close crop, but lightness AND length can coexist! Kenny here proves it beautifully. Just this side of white-blond is a good GOOD look.


Staying in your lane keeps your skin clear, so I also mind my thick business. Anzie’s sunny golden locks though, those I might have to rubberneck a little. I always envisioned platinum blonde on me, but you know what, this could work too if I ever leveled up enough to try! Blonde: The SHADES of it all. I’m in.

Kristia Tolode

I could also be very into matching my hair to my highlight? That’s not a question actually, I DEFINITELY could be. I read somewhere that we’re not “allowed” to highlight with black, which only makes me want to do it MORE, but since that’s the case, I’d want to go blonde and get that glow so that my crown matched my cheekbones this nicely.

Of course if I didn’t have my hair match my makeup, it COULD match my vacation spot…

Ludi Djama

Who needs golden sand when you have buff colored rocks? Well, no, let me not. All beaches are good beaches, and being from Corpus Christi, I won’t hear otherwise. Are all bleaches good bleaches is the research that I need to do though. This particular shot doesn’t capture Ludi’s beautiful smile, but she’s obviously getting something out of life that I haven’t opened myself up to yet. It’s probably not JUST the hair, but is that the worst starting point you’ve ever heard of?


I’d be lying if I said I was definitely going to go get my hair lightened now. Personally, as much as I like the idea of being a brazen brassy goddess, or the next coming of Storm, I’m probably not going to have light hair until it changes color on its own. Or until my next wig purchase…

Did you ever take your dark coils into the light? Let me know how it went in the comments, and give all due props to our amazing featurees!

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