Summer is almost over! But don’t let that bum you out. Just like the trees, as the branches let go of their leaves, moving from their glorious past to embrace their future, so does fall signify new beginnings for us. If you’re feeling the spirit of fall and want to change things up a little bit, trying out different styling options on your hair is definitely one way to do it. And there’s no better way to do that than to switch up your hair color! Here are some colors that will stand out this fall:

1.More color but deeper tones

![more color deeper tones body]6 Fresh Hair Colors to Try This Fall

Image via @AmberJanielle

Nothing says change like dying your hair to a deep, bold, rich tone. This fall, we’re about to see more people be bold with their styling choices and hair color is one of them. Stephanie Brown, a leading hair colorist at predicts that we’ll be seeing lots of jewel colors, plums, reds and darker pinks.

2.Golden highlights

![golden highlights]6 Fresh Hair Colors to Try This Fall

Image via Pinterest

Golden highlights in the fall are a great way to warm up your look, and they look absolutely stunning on warmer skin tones. They will have your curls popping and give them a vibrant feel – but you won’t look like you’re doing too much. Your styling choices are also not limited. You can still put your hair in braids without the fear of having your hair color peeking through.

3.Caramel with honey blonde highlights

![caramel with honey]6 Fresh Hair Colors to Try This Fall

Image via Pinterest

This is another subtle choice, but it still says ‘I’m here!’. Like Beyoncé on the August cover of Vogue Magazine, this look really brightens your look, and will have you oozing radiance like the queen herself. You can experiment a little and dye your roots a richer shade for an ombre effect. L.A. colorist Justin Anderson says the idea is to deepen the root shade so that the blonde accent actually appears brighter by contrast.


![copper]6 Fresh Hair Colors to Try This Fall

Image via @sza

They say whenever you’re out of hair styling ideas, just dye your hair. Copper is one color that is always on trend, all year-round, and looks oh-so beautiful on warmer skin tones, like on SZA, as pictured above. Most people like to go lighter in the summer and warmer in fall and winter. Styling is also a breeze when your roots grow out; darker roots and fiery red ends are definitely a look.


![blonde]6 Fresh Hair Colors to Try This Fall

Image via @IamTraeh

Blond was big this summer, and we definitely predict that we’ll be seeing even more of it this fall. If your hair is platinum blond, you can decide to go a bit deeper and softer with it in autumn, just to spruce up your look and to transition from the summer fun, to the fall flair. However, styling blond hair can be quite taxing. You always have to be on top of re-dying your hair whenever your roots start to grow out, in order to maintain a neat look.

6.Maple Brown

![maple dark brown]6 Fresh Hair Colors to Try This Fall

Image via @issarae

Just as with Issa Rae, this color reflects beautifully on darker, warmer skin tones. This is a nice, subtle color,and has a gorgeous ombre effect when your roots start growing out.

Are you coloring your hair this Fall? If so, let us know your go-to shade in the comments below! You can also check out our collection of hair colors available in SHOPNaturallyCurly here!