Conditioning your curly hair

You should definitely deep condition your hair over the winter months.

That's why stylists say deep conditioning is a must for curlyheads during the winter months.

Deep conditioners generally differ from everyday conditioners in consistency and application.

Deep conditioners tend to be thicker, sticking to the hair rather than dripping off. They often contain more oils and lanolin. They may use words like 'mask' or 'treatment.' 'Look for products that say 'moisturizing,'' Marin says.

While an everyday conditioner can be rinsed out immediately, most deep conditioners should stay on the hair longer — sometimes as long as half an hour. 'You should keep it on the hair five to 10 minutes, at least,' says Cheri McMaster, senior scientist for Pantene.

Many deep conditioning products are designed to be used with heat, which helps the conditioner penetrate the hair shaft.

Rowena Cutruzzola, national technical educational director for Toni & Guy, recommends putting a hot turban over the deep conditioner. She takes a face towel, runs it under a faucet, wrings it out and sticks it in the microwave for a minute. After making sure it's not too hot, she wraps the towel around the head.

At a salon, a client will be placed under a hair dryer. Some stylists will use a flat iron to get the conditioner into the hair.

Because a deep conditioner can flatten out hair, Marin suggests using it before shampooing.

You don't need to use a deep conditioner every day, McMaster stresses.