When I grew out my chemically straightened hair and finally embraced my natural curls, my big fear was managing my hair in the summer. When I shared my concern with the curly gurus at Devachan Salons, they shared some amazing tips for taming hair. I learned that I didn’t have to resort to a season of ponytails and buns. Here are the top tools for enjoying a no-frizz summer.

Frizz-Fighting Tools

  • Lots of conditioner: Conditioner is always key for curly girls. In summer, it’s even more important, and you’ll probably want to use more of it. You can even slather it on before you go swimming in a pool or the ocean to keep the water from drying out your curls.
  • A deep conditioner: I make sure to deep condition my curls at least twice a week. Once a week I also shower before bed, cover my hair in a rich, deep conditioner and sleep with it in my hair. Some mornings it seems to melt into my hair, and my curls look so good that I don’t even need to rinse. Other mornings when that doesn’t happen, I simply rinse and go. My favorite deep conditioner is DevaCurl Heaven in Hair.
  • A hooded drier: This is the best secret weapon for gorgeous, frizz-free summer curls. A hooded drier creates a microclimate so hair dries without any interference and curls maintain their natural shape. Best of all, you can settle in under your dryer and then read or work. These dryers come in all price ranges and sizes, from those that sit on a table, to those on wheels. I personally love the Gold N Hot Elite 1875 Watt Ionic Full Hood Professional Dryer.
  • The right gel: This is another key to keeping frizz and flyways from creating a halo around your head. Just make sure you choose one that’s alcohol- and silicone-free so curls don’t dry out or look crispy.
  • Cloth covered ponytail holders: These were a hair accessory staple in the ‘80’s. To me, they’re a hair accessory staple in summer when you have to pull your hair back and up a lot. Elastic bands tend to rip and tear curly hair which is naturally fragile. Try: Goody Ouchless Gentle Scrunchies.
  • A curly cover up: Sun doesn’t just dry out your skin, it can also dry out your hair. And dry hair equals frizzy hair. For long days in the sun, make sure to cover hair with a hat (protect skin, too, with one that has a two to three inch brim”> or cute scarf.
  • Spray bottle: At the beach or pool, hair can get dry and frizzy from the sun, wind, chlorine and salt water. Fill a spray bottle with equal parts spring water and conditioner. Then toss it in your beach bag, shake it up and spritz it on hair before you jump in the water and after you get out.

How do you keep your hair frizz-free through the summertime heat and humidity?

Michele Bender

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