Bernard Bronner, president and CEO of Bronner Brothers

When asked about the impact of the natural hair “trend” on the hair industry, president and CEO of Bronner Bros., Inc. Bernard Bronner, stated: “I’ve been in the business for 30 years, and witnessed the rise (and fall) of the Jheri Curl and the California curl. I can tell you that there has been nothing bigger than the current natural hair trend,” Because of the outstanding growth and demand from the natural hair community, Bronner Bros has actually introduced three new hair care lines to fit the unique needs of natural hair: Isabella’s Own, 4 Naturals and Tropical Roots.

And as far as referring to the current emphasis on natural hair a trend, Mr. Bronner said definitively, “This is a movement NOT a fad and it is here to stay,” and for good reason. He cites the fact that it’s growth and popularity stems from education, not only on how to best take care of your hair, but also your body (there was a big emphasis on health and fitness at this year’s show), and your family. Because women are now passing that education and natural ideals down to their children, it will further perpetuate the movement, ensuring its longevity. The concept of natural hair and natural hair care embodies far more than a hair style — it is a lifestyle.