YouTuber Bianca Alexa does the #NaturallyCurlyGuru tag!

What's your daily hair routine?

Bianca: I have more of a weekly routine as apposed to a daily routine. I tend to wash my hair every three to four days. In between my wash and go’s, I like to leave my curls loose. As days go by I’ll just fluff my hair with my fingers. I don’t re-wet my hair once it's dry because I love the added volume.

What's your nighttime routine?

Bianca: If I want to preserve my curls for the next day, I just leave my hair loose and sleep on a satin pillowcase. I don’t use a regular pillowcase because it can absorb the natural oils from your hair, dry it out, and cause frizz. A lot of people use the pineapple method, which is basically a high loose ponytail, but that doesn’t work for me because it stretches out my curl pattern. 

What are your go-to styles?

Bianca: The wash and go is my favorite go to style! I’m convinced my hair doesn’t like anything else. But of course I have my lazy days where I’ll just put my hair in a high bun or do my crown braid hairstyle.

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