BunCurlyNikki, on right, rocking her prepped curls.

Making sure that you and your curls are looking their best is the key to going out on the town with confidence! This Saturday, August 13, is the Kim Coles Grow Out Challenge Celebration where West Coast curlies will be stepping out, and they are sure to look their best.

For most curlies, getting ready can start a few days to an entire week before a big event. Use these curly hair tips to prep your curls ahead of time to save yourself time — and stress — on the day of the big event.

Confidence in Their Own Words

I caught up with the starlets of the weekend to ask what they’re doing to get ready for Saturday's big celebration. Here's what they had to say.

Jess from Jessicurl, on the left, with friends at NaturallyCurly's NYC Pool Party.

"I really like to do my own make up before going out," explained Kim Coles. "Sure there’s lots of times where you can get an artist to do your make up for you, but I really enjoy doing it myself. I like to take the time to choose the colors, apply my lashes, and so on. I find that it really centers me before a big event — and it's fun!"

As for her hair, Kim says, "For optimal loveliness for the event on Saturday, I'll be doing my hair on Thursday!"

CurlyNikki's signature twist'n'curl is always prepped well in advance for an event. "I try to do my hair at least a week ahead of time," said Nikki. But for the Grow Out Challenge Celebration, I did my dry styling four days in advance, and I'll take it out on Saturday, as close to the event as possible, to make sure its on point for the entire night!"

How to Prep Your Curls

I've found that my hair rarely looks its best when I do it the day of the event. For the Grow Out Challenge Celebration, I started prepping my hair four days in advance.

Here are some curly hair tips I'm going to follow while using the Jessicurl Confidence Collection for the Grow Out Challenge Celebration this Saturday!

Start on Wednesday - 3 Days Before the Event

  1. Wash your locks. Wash using Jessicurl Cleansing Cream focusing on the scalp area. Rinse out.
  2. Deep condition. Do a deep treatment for 20 minutes under a hooded dryer with a shower cap using Jessicurl Weekly Deep Treatment. Then, hop back in the shower and rinse out.
Evenly distributing the conditioner for maximum curl hydration.
  1. Towel dry, sans terry cloth. Using a t-shirt towel, soak up the excess moisture to remove droplets.
  2. Mix your products. For styling, I made a cocktail of Jessicurl Too Shea Conditioner and Confident Coils Solution. The Too Shea acts like a moisturizing leave-in and the Confident Coils defines my curls. I mix about a dime size dollop of each product in my palm and smooth the mixture onto each section. Then, I use my wide tooth detangling comb to rake the product through each section and repeat all over my head.
  3. Add more product! Once the product cocktail is applied all over, I use a little bit more of the Confident Coils to go back through and refine the coils using my fingers. The product has a lot of slip and I immediately start seeing beautiful little ribbon curls forming. I love it!
  4. And you're on your way.Pin my bangs off my face — I hate having a product-y forehead — and go on my merry way for the day while my hair dries!
It may look silly, but the scrunchie method works!
  1. Wednesday night, stretch curls with scrunchies. The reason I don't like my hair to be styled on the day of an event is because my hair often dries in this awkward flat-on-top shape that I just can't stand. I look like a toadstool. So, at night, I take three scrunchies — cloth covered bright ones that were quite popular in 1992 — and place one around each section. Put on a sleep cap and hit the sheets.
  2. Thursday morning, fluff your locks! My hair is returning to its ideal fluff levels! After taking the scrunchies out, I use a bit of moisturizer and my fingers to pull my hair back into shape. I repeat my scrunchie sleep routine and morning fluff everyday until the big event. By the time Saturday rolls around my coils should be super defined and fluffy, with a lot of movement!

If you want to see the final product of how all our hairstyles turn out, be sure to check back on Monday for pictures of the event and a recap!

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Final thoughts

What curly hair tips do you use to make sure your hair looks great for special events?