We all take extra time in drugstores to browse the beauty section, but are you a discount hair product junkie?

Do you scorn buying hair products for more than $5 or $10? Do you go into drugstores with a shopping list that doesn’t include hair products—and walk out with gels, shampoos, conditioners, and whatever else you could find? Do you stalk the hair aisles of discount stores, drugstores and markets, picking up and putting down products, reading ingredients?

If any of this sounds familiar, you may be addicted to discount hair products. Of course, much like our curvy tresses, discount product junkies (PJs) come in several types. So which one are you?

The Thrill Seeker

Motto: A day without buying is a day without sunshine

The thrill seeker is an adrenaline junkie, a true, dyed-in-the-wool hair product junkie. She pours over on-line ads and imagines using the product. As she nears a drugstore or discount store and draws closer to her fix, her heartbeat accelerates with anticipation. The Thrill Seeker does not need product, motive or reason. She only needs frequency and opportunity. By indulging her habit and getting her thrill on with discount hair products, she also aims to be fiscally responsible.

The Splurger

Motto: Shopping Spree!

Similar to the Thrill Seeker, but with one difference. Although sometimes splurging can be good, the Splurger must, must, MUST have a full shopping bag. A Splurger may also like to use her product liberally, by the handful rather than a tablespoonful, so she can replenish more often.

The Skeptic

Motto: Expensive does NOT equal better

Does a high price really mean better quality? The Skeptic doesn’t think so. She reasons, “Why use an expensive brand when I’m just going to wash it out?” To her, using products by the handful is a good thing, especially at these low prices. After all, water is the first ingredient.

Bargain Stalker

Motto: Wait for it...wait for it...

A win for the bargain hunter is finding the lowest price at any cost. She needs to know she bought the product for less than anyone else. She sniffs out every sale and only buys discount hair products. The Bargain Stalker’s fix comes with waiting for and anticipating the right price—the BOGO, the coupon, the rebate, the flash sale. And when it finally arrives? Touchdown! Let the buying begin.

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Karen McIntosh
I am looking for something to replace Artec Kiwi shine wax…any ideas? I bought 6 containers about a year ago for my friends and , and now they’re gone. I can’t see paying $30.00 for a 2 oz jar. If you could suggest something that is very stiff like this product, I’d really appreciate it