Jonathan Torch

Jonathan Torch

Q: I just turned 25 and have spotted about 6 silver hairs on the right side of my head. It’s freaking me out!! Can anyone tell me if this is normal? I’m too young to get grey hairs!!

Both of my parents only started to go grey in their forties, my dad only his late forties, so I am not sure the about genetics argument. Remedies?

Jonathan: It is quite normal to spot the odd grey hair at a young age. There are many theories as to what causes hair to turn grey—stress, heredity, and simply the aging process. At times your hair will grow in grey, and other times it will just fade from roots to ends. If your natural hair colour is dark, then it will be very easy to spot any grey hairs as they are shiny and will show immediately even if there are only one or two. Some grey grows in so coarse and wiry and is very resistant even to the strongest hair colour formula. My advice is first, do not to stress about this new change. If you have fewer than five grays’ showing, it may be more convenient to just pluck them out. If not, then be prepared to embrace the world of hair colouring. There are several options available for successful hair colouring, but I would strongly recommend seeking personal, professional advice from a qualified, licensed hairstylist.

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Q: Since I'm a skier and a horseback rider, I wear helmets pretty often. I'm growing out my layered hair. My shorter layer, which is about chin length, never stays in a low ponytail that I wear under my helmets, and my hair just looks plain ratty, flat, and chaotic when I take my helmet off. I try to use clips, but they don't stay in place well. I know helmet hair is fairly unavoidable, but do you have tips that may help my situation? I hate taking my ski helmet off in the eating area because I'm so self-conscious of my helmet hair!

Jonathan: Many of the worst hair style disasters are caused by hat head or helmet head. This common problem inspired me to create one of my favorite products called Tweek. Tweek will rebuild broken hairstyles quite effectively. Tweek is a hairspray in a cream form and is ideal for curly hair, as regular hairspray does not quite work for curly hair. Tweek is not greasy, waxy, or sticky. Tweek dries clean and supports your style without the look and feel of having product in your hair. Fixing the curly hair problems that are caused by helmet head is all about rebuilding support at the root area. So simply rub Tweek between your palms or fingers, and create movement with your hands at the root area, followed by scrunches towards the ends. This movement provides volume, and Tweek will hold and support all of the volume you created. This wonderful product will easily fix flat spots, cowlicks and pony tail elastic demarcations.

Q: What is porosity and what does it have to do with anything? How do I tell what my hair's porosity is?

Jonathan: Porosity is the ability of hair to absorb moisture, which is the most important factor in the styling and conditioning of curly hair. Moisture balance determines whether or not you are having a good hair day or a bad hair day. Preventing successful hair colouring from becoming a disaster also depends on your hair’s porosity. The same concerns affect the moisturizing and conditioning treatments for curly hair. Some curls dry in minutes and others can take hours to dry. To find out how porous your hair is, try to determine how long it takes your hair to dry—porous hair will take longer. Curly Hair Solutions products have been developed to work with all types of curly hair. Each product is carefully Ph balanced to correct and maintain the harmony of great curly hair.

Q: My hair is dark brown thick and curly. I reside in Florida so the rain and humidity never end. I received a really bad haircut, the worst I have ever had 1 yr ago and there are no knowledgeable salons in curly hair near me. I have learned the hard way! I also received a horrible dye job 6 months ago again they did not know how to handle curly hair. I would like to have burgundy highlights all over. Would that be in style considering it’s all about dark natural hair right now? Also would it look ok on a 25-year-old working in a chiropractic clinic? If so how could I do this?

Jonathan: As your previous experience has taught you, not every hairstylist knows or even likes or appreciates curly hair. You may have to undergo a series of interviews before you find a hairstylist that you believe in. Doing research is the key, and consultations should always be readily available—even free—before making a commitment. You should try to learn how to style your hair yourself by using the right products with the proper techniques and instructions so that your curls can be at their best. That is what Curly Hair Solutions’ primary goal is. When you become the master of your own curls, the haircut will become secondary. Curly Hair Solutions has proved hundreds of times that you can’t always rely on a haircut to achieve great bouncy frizz-free curls. Many people have to be convinced to let their hair grow out longer before their hairstyle can reach its ultimate potential. I can also give you the same advice about finding the correct, most qualified colorist. Every season brings with it certain colour choices. With the latest vamp trends, deeper, cooler, and darker tones are now mainstream. However, your hair colour must blend in with your skin tones to help you achieve a more glamorous look.

Q: My hair is a 3b and 2a in the front and the rest is 3b. My hair is very soft and I love my curls, but my hair doesn't seem to shine ever. I need help with some products that will help give my hair some shine. & by the way my hair is black with brown highlights.

Jonathan: Shiny hair is caused by light reflection. The reason that straight hair has more shine than curly hair is that the hair cuticles of straight hair lie in a flat position, making it easy for the light to reflect off of. Curly hair cuticles are naturally more open, and make it more difficult to reflect light and shine. Using Curl Keeper will control all frizz by drying the hair cuticles in a closed position, which will always result in frizz-free curls with tons of shine - a simple, but very effective remedy. In addition, clean hair shines more easily than coated hair. It helps when you use artificial hair colours that reflect light. (Dark colours are shinier than light colours, and warm colours are shinier than cool colours)

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