Spring cleaning comes ’round every year, much to the chagrin of us product junkies. This arduous task is annoying because of the following reasons:

  • We are forced to accept that they are #hairhoarders
  • We are then required to take a look at their stockpile of curly hair products
  • We have to wrangle our emotions and make sure that there’s at least one box of tissues at our immediate disposal because TEARS ARE INEVITABLE
  • We actually have to THROW IT ALL AWAY ?
Essentially, Spring cleaning for us product junkies is painful ?

Alas, it must be done and we will prevail!

But, how G*?! How am I going to do this without pulling my curls out?!

Behold, dearest curlfriend: The following video may help you glean insights into the decluttering and prioritization process. Watch as I work through my (literal”> baggage with professional prioritization guru Jennifer Slaski of Prune & Bloom.

Watch Gerilyn Get Her Life Together With Jen’s Help ?

Hopefully, the video inspired you a bit. For more practical steps to get into the Spring cleaning groove consider the following:

  • Toss old, expired products. No matter if it’s your favorite lipstick or CG-friendly deep conditioner, you need to check the Period-After-Opening, or PAO, symbol on your products to determine whether it gets tossed or not ?? Read more: Expired Products: Top 5 Considerations for Beauty and Curly Hair Product Junkies
  • Some of us have a surplus of beauty and curly hair products that we simply cannot use in a timely manner. In that case, we all need to consider giving these either new or gently used items to those in our larger communities. Donating your products is a great way to ensure that members of your community can have access to items that will improve their quality of life. Read more: How To Donate Your Beauty and Curly Hair Products
  • Don’t know where to begin? Well, let’s start with where most of your products live: the bathroom! Ideally, you’ll want to keep one of each curly hair essential such as shampoo and conditioner, a leave-in, deep conditioner, mousse, etc. After selecting what you need, begin purging those items you do not by putting them in separate bags or boxes that will either be gifted to organizations accepting donations, or properly disposed of if they are expired ?Read more: Reclaim Your Bathroom with the Product Junkie Spring Cleanout
  • Follow my lead, and seek out expert advice from prioriatization specialists and professional organizers. Prune & Bloom truly helped me transform the way I view my apartment and how to prioritize my personal life. If you prefer to test the waters on your own, I recommend reading this Becoming Minimalist article by Joshua Becker: 10 Creative Ways to Declutter Your Home

How Do You Spring Clean?