If you have clicked on this article you are probably on the hunt for the perfect hair care product. Perhaps, you are curious what products are loved by your fellow curlies. Whether your hair will love a certain product depends on many factors, such as your hair type and the porosity of your hair. It is always good to get inspired by someone who has a similar hair type as you do. In this article five beautiful curlies share their favorite hair care products with you! And the best thing of all…all the different curl patterns have been included in this article. This way everyone can get inspired!

Chevera Goed – Type 2 aka @Chvraa

“My favorite hair care products must be the ones from NAK, which are produced by an Australian company. I love the leave-in moisturizer (the pink bottle”> and the Kurlcreme (the purple bottle”>, because it does not weigh down my hair. Moreover, thanks to the products my curls are soft and moisturized. The wash results last at least five days.

If you have the same hair pattern as me, then you should definitely try these products. I think that the products are suitable for all curl types! I have been using the products for four years already and I have never been disappointed.”

Chevera Goed Favourite Curly Hair Products

Mindrys M. – Type 3A aka @CurlyMindy;”>

“I would not be able to point only one product as my favorite, because every product works different on my hair. For instance, if I would like to achieve lots of definition I would apply a heavier styling cream on my hair, such as the Crème Brule by Curls. While, if I want to have more volume I would use a light leave-in conditioner by NYCcurls.

To seal my curls I use the Ultra Defining Gel by DevaCurl or the Climate Control Gel by Ouidad. I love applying the NYCcurls leave-in conditioner and one of the jellies, because my hair is voluminous and defined.

My advice to everyone is to keep trying products, because eventually you will find the perfect match!”

CurlyMindy her favourite hair care products

Caressa Martin – Type 3B aka @Kroelenboll;”>

“My two favorite hair care products are The Curl Maker by Camille Rose Naturals and Knot Today by Kinky-Curly. The Curl Maker by Camille Rose Naturals has been my favorite sealant for years now, because it eliminates frizz and defines my curl pattern. Also, when applying just a bit of the product I achieve excellent results.

Knot Today by Kinky-Curly is another favorite of mine. I have been using it for approximately a year and I still love the results. The product is protein-free, which is great for my low porosity hair. The product cause any build-up and does not weigh my hair down. Not to forget, it is a good detangler and moisturizes my hair.”

Kroelenboll favourite hair care products

Leal Alexander – Type 3C aka @CurlyGallal;”>

“There are a couple of product lines, which go really well with my hair! First off, my hair fell in love with Boucleme, which is a UK born and bred company. The products do not include any silliness, such as silicones, sulphates, parabens, mineral oils, fragrances etc. Instead, the brand includes vitamins, omegas and antioxidants in their products. Their intensive moisture treatment really penetrates into my strands and nourishes my curls. Consequently, the detangling process is much easier. Their conditioner can be used as a rinse out or a leave in, I find that it works well as both. It has great slip and great water content, which makes it super moisturizing, lightweight and great for detangling. I always seal my curls with Boucleme’s gel, which does not weigh my hair down. The product really hydrates my curls when they need an extra quench. Now I need to share these products, since my boyfriend – who has 2b/c hair – is also enjoying the benefits of these products.

Personal tip: If I’m feeling like I need a heavy hold I grab my Olive Oil Eco Styler. It just works for me. But it can be weighing so use sparingly.”

Curlygallal favourite hair care products

Curlygallal favourite hair care products

Jasmine – Type 4 aka @Jaiologie;”>

“My all-time favorite hair care products are from Bask and Bloom Essentials. I love these products, because they consist of natural and organic ingredients. Therefore, I am confident that I am not sacrificing style over health. These ingredients work very well with kinky hair like mine. The product meets all promises communicated on its packaging. Also, the creator/owner is an Afro-Carribean woman, who I absolutely love!

I would have to pick my favorite, I would pick the Brahmi Root Masque, because it detangles my hair very well and makes my curls very soft.”

Jaoiologie favourite hair care products

What’s your Holy Grail product? Share yours in the comments!

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