The Pros and Cons of Using an Afro Pick
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The Afro pick has been a staple in the Black community for years — did you know it was used in Egypt over 6,000 years ago?

And today, this hair tool has made its way into the hands of curly girls of all shades. If you’ve never used a pick (here is how to), or you want to dust off your comb from years past, there are some pros and cons of using an afro pick.

The Pros and Cons of Using an Afro Pick


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  • You achieve big curls. If you want to stand out amongst the crowd, big hair is surely the way to go. Afro picks can be used once your wash-n-go, twistout, or braid-out has fully dried. Don’t even think about putting that pick near your head any time before then — you will cause major frizz. Prevent this by combing from the roots up to an inch downward.
  • Inexpensive, you say? With so many tools made for hair care, they can get pretty expensive, but the afro pick is one you can count on that won’t make you empty your wallet. Picks can cost just a few dollars unless you’re on the hunt for a handcrafted comb.
  • There are tons to choose from. Speaking of that handcrafted comb, there are many styles of picks – including your options of plastic or metal. Many stores sell a variety of colors, but what it’s made of will matter. Those with looser, finer curl patterns may want to opt for the plastic pick as they are gentler. If you have a kinkier texture – metal picks will work just as well.


  • You may break some curls. The thought of causing breakage while using your pick may seem like a nightmare, but it’s only a reality if you use the tool incorrectly. I know us curly girls focus a lot on protecting the ends of our hair, but your roots are the real star of the show when you use a pick. Never use the pick by starting from the roots and combing all the way through to the ends. You will cause severe damage and start the day with a massive headache.
  • Don’t get too friendly. You may feel your newfound pick was sent from God, but over-manipulating your hair using any tool can cause breakage. Long story short: find ways to fluff your hair once without restyling with your pick daily.

Purchasing an afro pick can be practically effortless as they are found at most local beauty supply stores. Since you’re already online, we figured you’d enjoy these picks you can order from Amazon or our SHOP.

  1. Flora & Curl Gentle Fro Pick – $8 is made to help effortlessly add volume to your curls. It’s great for expanding curls after a wash n go, twistout or puff ponytail.
  2. PATTERN Beauty by Tracee Ellis Ross Hair Pick – $9 is made of hard plastic, is flexible, and fits the form of your fro.
  3. Plai Na natural wood comb afro pick – $12 is a handmade wood comb that’s made to last. Its handcrafted shape is made for thick, curly hair, and its wide teeth help achieve results without tension.
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