The Curltastrophe contest sponsored by Pantene asked all of you to share that embarrassing moment in your life when you may not have been so "in-control" of your gorgeous curls. In the NaturallyCurly offices, we share embarrassing hair moments almost daily, so it got us thinking: why not give our audience a hypothetical couch to unload their bad hair day baggage and get the opportunity to win big?

We chose three winners, based on their stories that we found either inspirational, hilarious, or a good combination of both. Congratulations to our grand prize winners, Victoria P, Felicia S, and Kristin W. They'll all receive a FLIP video camera as well as a year's supply of Pantene products for their curly hair!

We also asked a few of our video bloggers to let us know what they thought of the new Curly Hair Series from Pantene, and we put together this great mash-up of some of our favorite videos. Enjoy!